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How to choose color lenses


Everyone knows that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. It is unrealistic to change the soul with the help of technical means in our time, and to correct the brightness of the look or to make it mysterious is possible thanks to multi-colored contact lenses. Many girls prefer lenses instead of classic glasses, and they do it for good reason. In addition to traditional lenses for vision correction, there are also color options. Colored contact lenses with different shades can simultaneously correct vision and eye color.

How to choose eye lenses?

Currently, the market has a huge assortment of color optical products. They can be divided into several main groups. For those who want to radically change the color of the iris or hide some of the external defects of the organs of vision, cosmetic products are ideal. These colored lenses for the eyes have a rich pigment that completely covers the natural shade of the cornea. They are equally well suited to owners of both light (gray, blue) and dark (brown, green) eyes.

If you want to bring original notes to your image, we recommend choosing a lens of a tinted type. These are translucent models that have weak tinting. The degree of coloring of these products is up to 20%. They look great on bright eyes, as they enhance the natural shade, and also make the look more saturated and deep. On brown and green eyes, tinted lenses are almost invisible.

Carnival lenses are very popular among young people. They can change not only the natural color of the iris, but also its pattern. These products are designed for creative individuals who want to draw attention to their person. They depict emoticons, stars, cobwebs, soccer balls and other original drawings. As a rule, carnival colored lenses are available without diopters and are used for decorative purposes. This is a great option for creating a shocking image.

Want to pick out fancy colored lenses? We recommend paying attention to the new beauty models. They give the eyes an extraordinary radiance and shine, while maintaining the natural color of the iris. In addition, models with a rim around the cornea are widely in demand, allowing you to visually increase the pupil volume to create a “puppet” style.

What color lenses are:

  • Cosmetic - with bright color pigment for a dramatic transformation.
  • Tinted - translucent models that enhance the natural color of the cornea.
  • Carnival - models with an original drawing to create a shocking image.
  • Beauty lenses are optical products that give the eyes an extraordinary sheen and radiance.

Products should be selected based on individual requirements. Some models perform an exclusively decorative function. In turn, for the correction of vision, you can purchase colored lenses with diopters. To do this, you need to undergo an examination with an ophthalmologist and get a prescription for the purchase of optics.

How to choose the right color lenses: what to look for?

The selection of optics depends on what effect you want to achieve: to completely change the image, enhance the current shade of the iris, attract the attention of others, etc. It is worth noting that light-eyed people have much more opportunities for experimenting with color. Both tinted and cosmetic models suit them equally well.

In turn, it is possible to achieve a light shade on the eyes with a natural dark brown color only with the help of colored lenses, which have a very dense pattern and a rich coloring pigment. However, in each case, optical products will look different. The final result may differ significantly from that presented in the pictures on the Internet. To pick up color lenses, you can “try on” optics in special online editors by uploading your photo.

The appearance of each person is individual. The naturalness of the lenses in front of your eyes will largely depend on whether the chosen color suits you. Someone prefers that it is in harmony with the color of the hair, while someone chooses the original shades (purple, emerald, gold, etc.) to effectively distinguish the eyes from the general image.

How to choose cosmetic lenses: features of color selection

According to makeup artists, people with dark brown eyes should give preference to color lenses of green, blue or gray. In addition, all shades of brown will look harmonious, since they are as close as possible to the natural tone of the iris.

Holders of green eyes are advised to stay in the blue, emerald, blue or purple versions. You can also try gray, brown shades or original colors: honey, walnut, etc.

On gray and blue eyes, any color lenses will look equally good. Optical products should be selected from personal preferences. Some people buy optics to match their hair, clothing, or accessories. In turn, connoisseurs of creativity are sure that the eyes should effectively stand out against the background of the main image.

Light-eyed people are advised to choose a means of contact correction having a multi-stage color system and a rim around the edge. This will enhance the depth of view and make it more expressive.

How to choose color lenses with diopters?

Optical products are medical supplies. Before buying colored lenses with diopters, it is necessary to undergo an examination with an ophthalmologist and decide on the required optics parameters. The doctor will make a prescription, taking into account the condition of your visual apparatus, as well as an individual lifestyle, habits, etc.

How to choose colored lenses for the eyes: the main selection criteria

  • Diopters (optical power).
  • The curvature of the lens (should match the curvature of your iris).
  • The level of oxygen permeability and moisture content.
  • Wear mode and replacement schedule.

Remember that the independent choice of colored lenses can lead to negative consequences, such as blurred vision, swelling of the iris, as well as various inflammatory processes.

Browse Popular Color Lenses

Thinking about how to choose lenses for the eyes? We bring to your attention the TOP-5 popular color means of contact correction. They combine impeccable quality, as well as ease and safety of operation. The products are made of modern materials that provide maximum comfort during use.

  • FreshLook ColorBlends by CIBA Vision. They imitate the real iris due to the unique 3-in-1 production technology.
  • Soflens Natural Color from the manufacturer Bausch + Lomb. They have a perfectly flat surface and are resistant to protein deposits.
  • Adria Crazy by Interojo. Carnival optical products to create spectacular and extravagant images. It is worth noting that in the pupil area colored lenses are transparent. They do not change the viewing angle at all and do not distort the perception of the picture. The coloring pigment is located inside the body of the optics, which eliminates the risk of accidental staining and the appearance of allergies.

You can buy colored lenses in the online store (including on the Ochkov.Net website), as well as in optic stores.


Ordinary lenses with shades are used to change the color of the eye or iris or visual change in the shape of the pupil. Such a product may contain diopters for vision correction in addition to changing the color scheme of the eye without the help of a surgeon. It follows that contact color lenses for the eyes can be worn even by those who do not suffer from visual impairment. Decorative color options will suit them.

By choosing different colors, you have the opportunity to embody intriguing and attractive images without harming your eyes. Lenses with color, on the contrary, save the eyes from the dangerous effects of ultraviolet rays. This role is played by the dye in the lens, capable of absorbing UV radiation. But it is worth remembering that the dye requires observing the contact time of the lenses with the eyes during the day. It should not exceed eight hours. Colored contact lenses differ from classical ones with diopters in that their ability to breathe is much worse. It is advisable to shoot them at night. Rest from them is good for the eyes. After the break, they can be worn again.

Types of Colored Lenses

Not everyone knows about the existence of several types of colored lenses. The color intensity and different visual effects will be different for different types of lenses. The following types of colored lenses are available today.

  • Hue. They, as the name implies, can only make the natural color more intense. These lenses do not have their own color, but can enhance the color of the iris. For example, blue eyes can make a saturated color, like the sky.
  • Colored contact lenses. They are able to radically change eye color to any of the available ones. With the help of them you can change the natural brown eye color to green. Note that color lenses are those that change the color of the eye. However, for convenience of classification, this term refers to all types of colored lenses.
  • Cosmetic. Able to hide flaws, for example, a thorn.
  • Decorative or carnival. They will help in a few minutes to create a crazy image for any person who wants to wear them. Among them there are lenses with pictures, in the form of animal eyes, and also capable of glowing in the absence of light.
  • Therapeutic. With diseases of the cornea, they are able to protect or cure it. Wear and choose them only on the recommendation of an ophthalmologist.

The types of colored lenses manufactured today are listed above. Let us dwell on the question of how to choose contact lenses.

The selection process should be conducted taking into account some nuances. You should be guided not only by your taste, but also by some personal characteristics. Wearing contact lenses depends on this.

People with a light shade of the iris can easily select any color lenses. Brown eyes are harder for individuals. It may be difficult to choose lenses that will result in pure color. But do not despair - special lenses for dark eyes have been created. The possibilities of today's technologies are quite wide: you can make a lens that will color the iris in white. Quality colored lenses from reputable manufacturers replace natural color without mixing. The transition near the pupil should also look natural. Pay attention to contact lenses colored with diopters.

Border Lenses

Border lenses give expressiveness to the look and make the iris noticeably larger. If contact lenses are correctly selected, then they can not be seen even with careful consideration. But if you choose a very bright color, then it is unlikely to be similar to natural. A beautiful and natural look can be achieved with tinted lenses.

It does not matter what type of lenses you have chosen for yourself, their selection should be carried out together with an ophthalmologist, taking into account personally your particularities of the organs of vision. Good lenses have the ability to “breathe,” and you can not remove them all day without harming your eyes. Dark-colored lenses should not be worn at night, especially when driving. This is due to the fact that the transmission of light and color in them has some distortion. If, when wearing lenses, the eyes dry or burn, then you should opt for another manufacturer of contact lenses. You can also apply special drops that moisturize the eyes.

How to care for lenses

There are some tips to help you look after colored lenses correctly. Tinted lenses require the same care as simple diopter lenses. After removal, they must be washed with a disinfecting solution and put into a tank with a composition for storage. It can be a special solution or universal, which is suitable for storage and disinfection. Acuvue contact lenses are in great demand, they can find many additional accessories.

Lenses having a color or pattern are washed only with a suitable solution. And you can store in any composition suitable for these purposes. Today, a wide variety of colored contact lenses are manufactured. Reviews on the network are very different. Someone prefers bright shades, and some simply contrast their own color.

How to wear

If you have ever used corrective contact lenses, it will be easier to use colored ones because the tips for wearing them are similar.

  • Do not wear colored contact lenses that have expired or are in use. Such products must be disposed of. Packed lenses have a shelf life of several years, the exact number you need to look at the packaging. The period during which it is acceptable to wear printed lenses varies. It can be 1 day, 2 weeks, 3 or 6 months. All information must be read on the packaging or in the instructions.
  • Lenses should be removed as soon as the allotted time socks. Usually it is from six to eight hours a day. Larger lenses in the eyes can seriously harm them. In no case do not go to bed without removing the lenses!
  • Store products only in special cells in which you need to change the solution every day.
  • The instructions for the lenses have all the information about flushing them after removal. Strictly follow all manufacturer's directions. Dryness and irritation of the eyes can be caused not by the lenses, but by the solution used. Try changing the solution to another. Unpleasant symptoms should go away quickly.
  • If your eyes are very sensitive, then opt for a special solution that is available specifically for such cases.

As you already noticed, the recommendations are quite simple. Their observance will save you from unpleasant sensations and help you easily change your image.

Buying Lenses

More and more diopter contact lens manufacturers are trying to expand their product range with colored lenses. They are available for people with and without visual impairment.

The price of contact lenses with color may be different from different manufacturers. The average market value is around five to seven dollars per pair. One package contains two to three pairs of lenses, therefore, and the price for it will be about ten to twenty dollars.

Online stores

You can buy new lenses at Optics. However, a trip to a point of sale should be made only after a visit to an ophthalmologist. He will give all the necessary information about the lenses that suit you in all respects.

You can use the services of online stores. There are now enough of them. It is important to choose a good manufacturer so that there are no problems when wearing lenses.

Before buying colored lenses, it is worth looking at consumer reviews available on the Internet.


Let us briefly review the characteristics of lenses from the best manufacturers on the market at present.

  • Acuvue Colors. The package contains six lenses with a wearing period of 2 weeks. They are made of silicone gel. Acuvue contact lenses are chosen by 60% of buyers.
  • Bausch & Lomb is the world's largest manufacturer of contact lenses, including color lenses. They are distinguished by the highest quality of products.
  • Multi-Curve. The structure and shape of their lenses ensures that they are as close as possible to the cornea of ​​the eye. They have optical stabilization and protection against UV rays that are harmful to vision. The technologies used allowed us to create oxygen-permeable material.
  • FreshLook ColorBlends.Colored lenses from this manufacturer can, along with changing the color of the eyes, level vision problems. Using these products creates maximum comfort for the eyes. The 3 in 1 technology allows you to recreate the pattern of the natural iris. The wearing period is one month. Advantages of these lenses include: improved design, excellent alignment, UV protection, rich color gamut. The eyes in them look alive and natural.
  • Doll Eye. Able to change eye color and visually increase them.
  • Contact lenses colored Adria - bright and unusual.

If you are not comfortable with the natural color of the eyes, then this can be corrected with contact lenses. A new eye color will add mystery to your image and add confidence. Now you know how to choose contact lenses.