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IOS 11: Document Scanner and Note Editor on iPhone and iPad - New Notes Features


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It would seem that the scanning function in notes on the iPhone is as old as the world, but not everyone remembers it. We decided to remind you of the wonderful option that appeared in iOS 11.

2. In the menu that opens, select the option “Scan Documents”.

3. The program will launch a kind of viewfinder that determines the boundaries of the document. The application will automatically determine the boundaries - no need to worry about it.

4. When you press the shutter, the application will offer to edit the document. You can trim the edges if you are not happy with the result, select a black and white filter, make labels and much more. Save, as always, with the "Finish" button

The quality of the “scans” is quite decent, so your iPhone may well replace the copy center. Use for health!

How to use the document scanner in Notes on iOS 11?

1. Launch the Notes application and create a new entry by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner.

2. Click on the “⊕” icon in the new panel above the keyboard and select the “Scan documents».

3. After the camera opens, point the video finder at the document. By default, the self-timer function is activated, so that as soon as the iPhone or iPad focuses on the document and determines its borders, photography will automatically take place (this option can be manually disabled). There are also several filters and a flash off button.

4. If necessary, specify the boundaries of the document by pulling the corners and press the "Leave».

5. The camera will open again and you will be prompted to photograph new documents. When you are done, at this point click on the “Save". If necessary, configure the received scans, and then - "Done».

6. Scanned documents appear on the note page.

If you had a scanned series of pictures, then the images can be viewed by scrolling (swipe) left and right. By clicking on the scan, you will be able to crop the image, apply a filter or rotate the photo. The option to add new snapshots is also available.

ATTENTION! Built-in iOS Notes document scanner can't recognize text located in the photograph and copy it for use in this or other applications.


How to use markup in Notes on iOS 11?

1. Open a note with images or scans of documents.

2. Tap on the image.

3. When you open the classic photographed or selected images in the library, the button “in the upper right corner will be availableMarkup».

If you have opened a document scan, then click on the “Share this"And in the bottom row select"Markup».

This utility has a huge number of useful tools for highlighting information (pen, color picker, pencil, eraser, shapes and arrows, magnifier, and you can also add text and an autograph).

4. Click the "Done"To save changes or"Cancel»To leave the original.

How to scan documents

1. Run the standard application Notes.

2. Create a new note and press the button “+”.

3. Select item Scan documents.

4. Point the camera at the desired document, the system itself will try to recognize the boundaries, take a photo.

5. You can adjust the borders of the document and apply filters to improve the readability of the scan copy.

6. When the scan is completed (you can take photos of several documents at once), you need to click Save.

All SIM cards will be saved to the created note. In the future, you can export scan copies to other applications through the menu Share this, there you can choose to save to PDF or print a document.

Photos will not be saved in the device’s standard gallery.

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