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How to part with a guy

The exciting period of romantic relationships is remembered by crazy actions, the desire to make a loved one pleasant, by mutual feelings, a strong attraction to each other, you breathe these relationships. However, at a certain moment you may feel that you have "cooled down", then it is pointless to continue. Girls have to deal with a difficult question: how to part with a guy who loves you? You must also be able to part correctly.

Parting is stress for both the girl and the guy. Often girls begin to break down on guys, provoke quarrels, show aggression or even avoid their young people. It is these actions that are undesirable. Firstly, the guy does not understand why the girl suddenly began to behave this way, and secondly, with such actions, the girl only complicates the task. It is very important to know how to normally part with a guy without hitting him.

The boomerang law says: "Sooner or later, what you send to others will return to you." Therefore, parting is best so as to maintain a friendly relationship.

How to part with a guy without offending him?

The first step to breaking up is honest conversation. During the conversation, you should remain calm and try to talk with the young man as openly as possible. Accusations, humiliations, screams should be avoided.

Guys need specifics, so it’s better to think about what to tell him in advance.

Parting is no less painful for a girl than for a guy, so many people prefer parting by SMS or social networks. This is a huge mistake. The meeting should take place face to face, only then can we hope for mutual understanding and preservation of friendly relations in the future.

Choosing a place for an important conversation is also very important. It is better to choose a neutral territory. It can be any not too noisy, but not completely secluded place. Some places evoke fond memories of a shared past; these places are best avoided.

Such conversations should take place at the right time. No “girlfriends for courage” or third parties should be around. Throwing everything “by the way” onto a man is also a bad idea. The situation should be conducive to a calm conversation, it is best to choose a place and time when no one bothers you.

The guy may begin to put pressure on you or try to change your mind by all means. Perhaps he will even blame you or ask for a second chance. But if the decision to leave is made, keep calm. When parting with an unloved person, you free yourself and do not deceive him. Thus, you two have a chance to love for real and for a long time.

How to part with a man you don't love?

When parting, be sure to prove yourself from the best side. Girls ask: how beautiful to part with a guy? A beautiful breakup can be when you tell the guy about your intention most delicately. A huge mistake is to feel sorry for him. The accusations against him and pity do not characterize you from the best side, so avoid them. The words of separation are individual for each couple and only a girl can know how best to say this to her loved one.

It is very important to show the guy that you value him as a person, that you do not turn away from him. Some guys don’t believe in friendship after breaking up, but it's still worth saying that you would like to remain friends, because you value it. If a guy loves you very much, then meeting after breaking up as friends will be very painful for him. In such cases, you can maintain friendships, but the guy needs time to be alone.

How to part with a guy beautifully?

You spent some time with this person; you still have happy memories and personal moments. Without him, these happy moments would not have happened. During a conversation about breaking up, say thank you to him for the happiness that you felt next to him, for pleasant moments. Most importantly, sincerity. You need to give thanks from the heart, words of gratitude for the sake of a beautiful separation of falsehood and the guy will feel a lie.

It also happens that after parting, you get closer again. The guy could be in the right place at the right time and helped in something, the girl drank too much and called the former. It is better to avoid such situations, so the girls ask a question about how to part with a guy forever.

How to part with a guy and avoid subsequent nostalgia for him

After parting, nostalgia covers you, you remember all the good things and doubt the correctness of your decision. But people tend to forget the bad. If one day you wanted to part with this person, you cannot build a strong relationship with him, no matter how much chance you give him.

How can you part with a guy and avoid the subsequent nostalgia for him:

  1. Take away all things related to the guy. All joint photographs, his gifts, love notes, letters, his clothes. Remove photos and videos from your phone about your pastime. All things can be put in a box and put in a closet.
  2. Avoid going to places where you went together. Especially avoid places where your relationship has just begun.
  3. Joint ventures can greatly influence you. If you are firmly confident in your decision, then friends and acquaintances are not a hindrance. But if the separation was hard for you, then the first time it is better to avoid meeting with your boyfriend’s friends or to come to the company where he may be.

What is the best way to part with a guy if you live together?

Parting is harder when you live together, in which case the girl needs to solve two questions: how to part with the guy gently and how to leave the guy.
If a guy and a girl live together, when parting, one will have to move out. It is advisable to start a conversation about parting in a calm atmosphere. If both work, it is better to wait for the weekend. But you do not need to pull the rubber. It is better to resolve important issues in the morning, then you will have more time to discuss together a plan of further actions. In no case do you need to start a conversation with tantrums or accusations. The girl is faced with the task of how to part with a man without offending him.

How to part with a guy you don't love?

Girls sometimes listen to the advice of friends who share experiences on how to part with a guy who loves you. It makes sense to heed such advice only if you really trust your friend or if she knows your young man and has been friends with him for a long time. But then trust your heart and feelings more. No one will pick up the right words and say them the way you do it. After all, it was you who met the guy for a long time and know him from the romantic side. Only you can know how to part with a person who loves you, causing him a minimum of pain. It’s best not to talk to your friends about your plans at all. Some may begin to dissuade you, others may take advantage of the situation. The decision to break should only be yours.

How to break up with a guy and stay friends?

After the break, it takes time to begin to perceive each other only as friends. Even if you have a warm, friendly relationship, don't tell your ex-boyfriend about the new boyfriends. It’s better to keep silent about the guys to whom you began to feel sympathy. Spending time together is preferably not together, but in the company of friends. Then you definitely will not have unnecessary thoughts. Sometimes the guys agree to friendship after breaking up in order to resume relations in the future. To avoid this, do not give him hope, do not flirt with him, do not show sympathy with the elements of flirting. You must clearly define the boundaries of communication.

How to correctly part with a guy?

Guys are predators by nature, so the news of the breakup can hurt them. Sometimes such a conversation causes aggression, so the girl is faced with the question of how to carefully part with a guy.

If your boyfriend is prone to aggression, then an important conversation is best done in a fairly crowded place. Ideally - a park. There you can talk calmly, but in case of uncontrolled aggression of a young man there will be many people nearby. The main thing is to speak in a calm voice, maintain emotional balance and be honest.

Much has been said about how to part with a guy and a girl must decide for herself what words she will say, where exactly the conversation will take place and at what time. It is better to part with a guy and not lie to him about feelings than to maintain a relationship that is doomed to failure.

Stay friends

The most honest, correct and ... almost impossible way to end a relationship. Very few people after breaking up are actually able to honestly admit to themselves that they still have some feelings for their partner. In this case, people assure themselves and their former lover that they are quite capable of maintaining friendly relations. As a result, one of them stays with nothing, suffers and cherishes the hope that from “friendship” he will be able to return back to relations.

If you are lucky and this is not your case, then keep in mind that for parting you need to prepare the ground - to be in good relations with your partner and to be sure of his adequacy and maturity. Two adults are quite capable of negotiating anything - provided they are willing to negotiate. Go for it! It is better to prepare a farewell speech in advance and not toss it in your face like a dirty rag. And even more so, you should not end the relationship with a message in the messenger “We need to remain friends” and sincerely wonder why it didn’t work out.

To stay alive

This method is absolutely necessary in some cases when life suddenly once again turns out to be completely unlike a road dotted with flowers.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is not such a rare occurrence these days. It would seem that in the progressive twenty-first century the question of whether one person can harm another with impunity can no longer be raised. Nevertheless, there are still originals that find some wild excuses for domestic violence. “Beat a woman with a hammer - it will be a woman with gold”, “Beats - it means she loves”, “Once it doesn’t count” or “She herself asked for it” All these are very harmful attitudes that sometimes prevent a person from taking care of himself and his safety. If he hits, then he loves. Beat.

Violence is not only physical, but also moral. If you are methodically, humiliated day after day, doubting your mental abilities, accusing you of all mortal sins, or simply mocking you in any form that seems insulting to you - yes, this also applies to domestic violence. Your task as a woman and a man in this case is to survive at all costs.

Forget what your grandmother told you about the terrible fate that awaits a woman after a divorce. You are not in the nineteenth century. Nobody has died from this yet. But from cohabitation with a tyrant - it is quite possible.

If you do not know how best to do this and are afraid of your home monster - contact crisis centers. They are in almost all major cities. A woman can be there with her baby for several months - and no one will know where you are.

Do not be afraid to tell your relatives about your problem - if they support you. Do not be ashamed to ask for help - and most importantly - it is never too late while you are still alive and well.

“And I'll sit in a convertible and go somewhere”

Or here is a slightly different situation - on the contrary, your boyfriend behaved like the last horned artiodactyl and you no longer want to see him and hear about him at all, but want to turn around and disappear into the fog, taking all the likes with him.

For both difficult situations, the old, classic method, well described in a song about a convertible, is good. Yes, you need to carefully prepare yourself a backup airfield - to warn your girlfriend or parents that you will stay with them for some time, for example. You will also need suitcases and pre-assembled things - there is nothing more terrible than suddenly meeting your boyfriend on the stairs, going down with a suitcase. A conversation risks being unpleasant.

So, all you need to do is just collect your belongings and go somewhere. The ideal option would be to drive abroad - you will not be reached.

"My friend and her boyfriend ..."

So, we are smoothly approaching those methods that require your ingenuity and remarkable acting abilities.

To bring this scenario to life, you only need to do one thing. Compare!

Compare endlessly, stubbornly and rudely - and let comparisons always be not in favor of your boyfriend. You can always find a girlfriend whose boyfriend took her to Tuscany at the weekend - and God forbid you to take you out of Troieschina at least once! Speak a lot, on the case and not, if there are not enough arguments - think up them.

"A great ring, dear, but Frodo had a ring of omnipotence, which allowed him to be invisible ..."

"Nice trip to Nice ... But Angela had a guy who gave her a plot on the moon ..."

“But at a friend of mine, a guy gave her a Corgi who knows how to dance and bring slippers, in a collar that distributes wifi ...”

"What? Is your finger broken? But my ex's leg was broken! ”

As you know, your boyfriend can’t compete with the achievements of fictional men in any case. Sooner or later he will get tired of it - and he will abandon you. “I could not stand the competition” - you can proudly declare to your friends.

Dark side of the Moon

Even the sun has spots. Even the moon has a dark side. Surely even such an ideal princess as you has flaws that you weren’t hiding directly from your partner, but in general you tried to keep to yourself. Keep your dangerous toothy internal Cerberas on a leash, so to speak.

It’s time to unfasten the leash! Show your boyfriend all the darkest, darkest and creepiest things in you. Bad habits, a manner of communication like a brother in a tracksuit, especially shrill friends who suddenly want to stay with you for a month or two - all means are good in this war.

Forget washing your hair and sobbing for no reason, answering all the questions “Not your business”. Turn your relationship into a celebration of disobedience - argue with any offer from your partner with pleasure, criticize as much as possible everything that he does, tells, feels and thinks.

In a word, remember everything that your mother scolded you in your childhood - and come off to the fullest.

Castle siege

Do you know how the most impregnable fortresses are besieged? No, of course, to answer this question briefly is not so simple, but in general and in general you do not need real military tactics and strategy - you just need to learn the general principle.

It is necessary to isolate as much as possible those who are behind the fortress wall, not to give them the slightest chance to get outside the city, to deprive of communication with the outside world.

You need about the same thing. Explain to your faithful that you and him are enough for the good of your relationship. All other people in the world are scum and courtesans who threaten your relationship. All his friends secretly dream of getting him into their insidious network. All his friends are alcoholics and fools. His relatives are a complete disappointment.

In general, isolate it from the outside world. Talentfully throw tantrums every time it seems to you that your slave ... oh, excuse me, your beloved man shows at least something that looks like free will.

Sooner or later, the shackles will begin to reap.And then it was time to collect the things of your lover - he is likely to run away at the first opportunity.

"The fight of extrasensories"

This method is not very suitable for researchers or just girls who have established themselves as materialists. Your boyfriend is likely to suspect something is wrong and try to find out what is the matter, and you will feel extremely stupid.

Everyone else can try it. So, the idea is to show your young man the most insane fan of mysticism and a fan of programs about psychics. Make a tragic face, go up to your boyfriend and say with all possible regret that you have just returned from an astrologer and the results are disappointing.

As if by chance, mention that you spent a substantial amount of money on this - it is desirable that this was also his money in addition. Tell us that you, of course, love him very much, but the stars against your union - according to the horoscope you are completely incompatible, the lunar phase on the day of your acquaintance was not the same, and on the Tarot cards you will soon disperse altogether - so why bother, you need to break this burdensome for karma connection as soon as possible.

There is an unlikely likelihood that your loved one will transfer to the category of exes voluntarily and immediately.

Sherlock with shellac

Miss Marple lives in every beautiful lady, who is able to figure out the ex-girlfriend of her neighbor’s cousin of her boyfriend by instagram likes on instagram. A brilliant detective can be woken up by giving a powerful reason for jealousy, and generally not breathing or moving.

If you seriously intend to complete a boring relationship, there is nothing more effective than bouts of jealousy and paranoid surveillance of every step your guy has. Ask him to report for every like on someone else’s photo, check his phone, ask for passwords from all accounts in all social networks. Observe the time for which he must return from work, and interrogate him with bias every time he is delayed for a couple of minutes. Turn life into Hell, make it shudder at the sound of a female voice - and you are guaranteed success.

Mom you're wrong

Almost every adult treats their parents with respect and listens to their opinions - especially when it comes to setting up their own family and getting married. When meeting with your boyfriend's parents, demonstrate all of your most “wonderful” qualities. From the threshold, ask when the relatives intend to vacate an apartment for a young family and whether they intend to bequeath all property to their son after death. Start criticizing the wallpaper in the living room and promise to “clean up” as soon as you move. Look at some memorable old things and scold the elderly for the inability to throw trash.

The breakup is likely to be quick. Very, very fast.

The last way. Honest

This approach requires qualities that not every person possesses. You will need to be brave, strong and honest - and all this is sometimes not so easy to discover.

If you feel that you are ready and sufficiently respect your partner - do it for yourself and for his sake. Arrange cozy gatherings in a cafe or at home, calmly and soberly assess what position your relationship is, how it happened and whether it could have turned out differently. Do not scream or blame each other. To feel more confident, you can pre-outline the main points - at least in your head. Go ahead.

You will certainly be happy in the future - but for this in the present you need to work a little.