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How to clean glue from a wooden surface without damaging it

While some people love the look of wooden floors, others may decide to cover it with carpet or linoleum. Removing any kind of flooring, the joy of discovering a beautiful wooden floor can be replaced by the discontent that your wooden floor is now covered with sticky glue. Since all adhesives are initially in a liquid state, it is best to remove them by returning them to them, much like when you melt wax from a candle to remove it. Special glue removers are available for sale. Read on to find some helpful tips on how to remove glue from a wooden floor.

Alcohol cleaning

Alcohol is a solvent for glue. Therefore, if you clean the contaminated area with an alcohol cloth, you can completely clean it. If rubbing does not help, then you can pour a little if the surface is horizontal. After 10 minutes you need to wipe with a rag and there will be no glue.

If traces of the fastening agent cannot be cleaned with alcohol, acetone or water, then you can try the oil (baby or vegetable). Oil cleanses from glue due to the fact that the basis of many products is directly the oil itself. After applying the oil, it must be washed off with soapy water after 15-20 minutes.

Strong chemical that dissolves glue. For greater efficiency, it is better to brush the contaminated area.

IMPORTANT. Since acetone is a chemically active substance, you need to make sure its safety. To do this, you must first try to clean a small area. If everything works out, then you can start cleaning the entire surface.

Operational approach

The easiest way is water. She will easily remove any water-based product.

In their manufacture, an adhesive and water are used. After the water dries, the necessary parts stick together.

IMPORTANT. Removing unnecessary fastening agent is best before drying completely. Otherwise, difficulties may arise with this process.

Vinegar is applied to the contaminated surface for 20-30 minutes. Then it is washed off with water and wiped with a rag.

Hot air

It is necessary to heat the adhesive base with a hairdryer, after which the molten mass must be wiped with a wet rag until dry.

The product is placed in the freezer. If this is not possible, then ice can be used. Thus, the product crystallizes and can be removed with an ordinary scraper.