Useful Tips

How to pretend to be sick

1. Start in advance. Whoever you pretend to be there, it will certainly look suspicious if you just felt good, and the next minute you are twisted with pain. Start gradually: let the symptoms develop slowly.

2. Move slowly: remember, if your stomach is upset, it can be painful and generally difficult to move quickly and rush around. Try to sit down more often, holding on to your stomach.

3. Feel sick. It's always easier to pretend to be sick if you can feel it. Remember the last time you had a stomach ache: how did you feel, how did you look because of pain? Did you feel sick? Was there a weakness?

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4. Remember the sounds. Even if you look completely sick, you need to voice it. Moan a little in the toilet, even if no one hears you. Speak slowly and quietly, or, conversely, a little faster than usual, and with shorter sentences, as if you do not want to speak because of pain. The voice must be intense.

5. Perfume can help you. If you want, you can buy the cheapest perfume or eau de toilette, scent them a little - and now you smell of sweat and disease. Add concomitant symptoms. It is doubtful that your only unpleasant sensation is abdominal pain. A fever is possible, but this is risky, as you may be sent to a doctor.

How to pretend to be sick. How to pretend to be sick, so as not to go to school.

Don't want to go to school today? Feeling bad or just laziness? Here you will find some tips on pretending to be sick and staying home.
1) If you do not want to go to school, the day before, tell your parents that you are not feeling well. Start with mild symptoms before bedtime, or even around seven in the evening. Keep in mind that some diseases can go away quickly. For example, do not depict abdominal pain the day before school, otherwise the next morning you still have to go there.

You can make fake vomit: take leftover dinner, or old spaghetti, milk, mashed banana, chocolate shake or coffee cream (be creative) and spread it on the floor (or on the bed, if you want it to look more believable), saying on morning that you don’t remember how it happened, and imitating a headache, diarrhea, etc., look guilty in front of the one who removes it.
If your parents have given you pain medication or other medications, do not use them. Even if you are forced to take pills under supervision, try to avoid this. If you have previously had a viral disease, repeat the symptoms, so it will seem less like you are pretending to be. If you have recently been near a person who had a cold, repeat the symptoms as if you were infected by it. When you are sick or have a cold, your cheeks usually burn. Pat on the cheeks or pinch them so that they turn red. See that parents do not notice this. If you repeat this periodically, redness will subside. In addition, if the redness subsided, and then reappeared, after a rather long time, the parents may suspect something. Behave slightly awkwardly, as if you are sick or tired. To simulate a rash, rub your body until it turns bright red. Try to itch in a circular motion to make it look more realistic. Try combining the rash with a headache or other signs of illness. Behave passively. Your actions will look much more believable if you do not eat half of your favorite dish or cancel a meeting with friends. You will be more believed if you sacrifice your favorite pastime, as well as going to school. Stomach problems. Do not eat all dinner, eat in small slices. When your parents ask what’s the matter, say your stomach hurts. Hide some food in advance in the room, because you will have to skip dinner because you feel unwell. While working on your homework, periodically lower your head, as if you are not feeling well and pain is preventing you from learning. Sore throat. This will only work if your parents are not obsessed with caring for your child. If your parents care too much for you, you may end up in a hospital with suspected tonsillitis, so don't try. For a day, start complaining of a sore throat, constantly trying to clean it. Around 8 pm, say that you are tired and you have a headache. Cold / flu. Only breathe through your mouth, as if your nose is full. When you are near your parents, often moan. If you are asked something, speak lightly in the nose. Put on a bunch of clothes as if you had a chill. Sneeze and sniff loudly, even if your parents are not in the same room as you. The main thing is that they hear. While they are not looking, rub your forehead, face and eyes, in case you want to check the temperature on the face. Your face will turn red and warm. You can also take a hair dryer and warm your face, and then say that you feel a fever. 2Do not finish homework. Especially if your parents care about your grades. Unfinished homework will be another excuse to leave you at home. If you are preparing your homework in advance, do it, showing your full intention to go to school, and then suddenly complain about feeling unwell. 3 Go to bed early. Say nothing. Just go to your room and lie down on the bed. Do not brush your teeth - your parents may want to wake you up to remind you. In this case, they will be interested in what’s the matter, and you will say that you feel bad. Describe the symptoms, be impatient, and even irritated, showing a desire to return to bed faster. Do not overdo it with discontent. Parents can get angry and send you to school, whether you are sick or not. 4 Tired eyes. The day before, make sure your eyes look red and tired. To do this, rub them lightly so that they look a little sore. Remember: if parents put a hand on you, say that it is cold, not warm! 5Be prepared for temperature measurement. If you have done a good job, your parents will most likely want to measure your temperature. In this case, say: I need to go to the toilet. Take a mug with you, pour warm water into it and rinse your mouth, especially under the tongue. Before you turn on the water in the sink, do not forget to flush the water in the toilet, otherwise the parents will suspect something was wrong. Please note: this will only work if the thermometer is inserted into the mouth. If you have a mercury thermometer, try to get it before your parents and heat it with a lamp or battery. If your temperature is measured over your body, peel your forehead until your parents see it. 6 Get up in the middle of the night. If your illness is based on stomach problems, wake your parents around one in the morning and say that you just vomited in the toilet or that you had diarrhea. If possible, talk about stomach pain with tears in your eyes. In the case of an imitation of a cold or sore throat, cough and clear your throat so loudly to wake them up. Before they come, rub your face hard. 7 Do not go to bed until late at night so that you have bags under your eyes and your eyes look slightly swollen. To do this, go to bed an hour later usually, sleep at least 4 hours, and then get up an hour earlier than usual. You can use blue eye shadow or liquid paraffin for greater effect. Apply under eyes and rub. The next morning, go to your parents and ask how you look. They will think that you did not sleep all night. Your malaise will be more convincing. 8 Strengthen the symptoms of the disease in the morning. Especially reluctant to get out of bed. If you are still forced to go to school, dress very slowly. Do not overdo it with slowness. Pass the button on the shirt, do not comb your hair and do not tie the shoelaces. Have breakfast without appetite. If you focus on coughing, go to the bathroom and rub your eyes with water to make them look sick. If you don’t start pretending the day before, it will be much harder in the morning to convince your parents of your malaise. However, you can try some of the strategies at the last moment: Wake up before your parents and portray vomiting. Flush the toilet and pretend to be sick. If they haven’t woken up, wake them and say that only “happened”. Say you have diarrhea. Spend a lot of time in the toilet, flush the water and spray abundantly with an air freshener to “hide” the smell. Reception only for girls who have already begun their periods. Say you have cramping and “these days.” Father will not want to discuss this, and mother will accept with understanding. If you have never had your period yet and you pretend that they started, it will be difficult for your mother to deceive. Cry To do this, use water or eye drops to simulate tears. This is a controversial method, your parents might think that you are seriously ill or that you are pretending to be good. If you mimic the flu, stretch your lips so that they crack and twist your nose until it turns red. If you simulate heat, spray armpits, bags under the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and joints at the joints with warm water. So you keep warm and look sweaty. 9Test if you are offered to stay at home. When your parents suggest you stay at home, don’t agree right away. First refuse (provided that you have already convinced them of your illness. This will confirm the fact that you are sick. Say: “But, mom, I have so much to do today!” Or: “I have a math test today!” Do not replay If your parents know that you don’t give a damn about tests, say: “I have classes in a creative circle today.” Or choose any other subject that you like. However, choose a reason carefully so as not to arouse suspicion. 10 Show improvement signals. If you were left at home, sleep a lot and gradually begin to “recover Some parents use a trick with forgetfulness, which means that within 10 minutes they can return home, supposedly having forgotten something, so always stay in bed at least 15 minutes after they leave. If you want to prolong the symptoms for another day, you may be taken to a doctor who will not reveal any disease.11If your parents still want to show you to the doctor, try to gradually lighten the disease: If your parents stayed at home with you, pretend to be asleep, especially when they look into your room. If they are at work and call you, wait until the phone rings 3-3, 5 times before you answer. Try to keep your voice tired. When they ask about well-being, discard 2-3 symptoms. For example: “The stomach no longer hurts, and the headache has subsided a bit.” They change their minds about calling the doctor. If they get home early, make sure you look better and say that you feel better, so you can go to school tomorrow. However, doctors can also be fooled, especially if the symptoms cannot be interpreted unambiguously: Choose symptoms that are difficult to identify, such as diarrhea. "Cure" yourself before the doctor arrives. If you have been coughing a lot before, moisten your throat with cherry juice. So it will look red and annoyed. Do not try to imitate a sore throat - it is easy to check by doing certain tests. Or you can say that the school nurse advised you to stay home, because your illness can be contagious. If parents insist on a visit to the doctor, do not heal instantly. 12 Pretend your head is spinning. To do this, follow these instructions: Lie on the floor and begin to swing the press, twisting. Or any other exercise that requires holding your breath. When the parents enter the room, put your hand on your forehead, and the other grab hold of any other object, as if holding on, and complain of malaise. If your parents begin to check your pressure, hold your breath during the process (if you do everything right, the pressure will decrease. This may be enough to leave you at home. If not, do the following: Eat very little at breakfast, throwing snacks in your backpack until your parents don’t see. If you get caught, say it is necessary in case you feel better and hungry later. Go to the school nurse in the middle of the day and say that you are dizzy. Hold your breath while it measures the pressure. Nita parents to have taken away. 13Pritvorites that you have a stuffy nose.