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How to easily and quickly transfer photos from android to android wirelessly

If a mail service account has been added to the Android device, you can send photos taken with the camera from the device. If the mail service account has not yet been added to the device, this can be done through the Settings application. By adding an account, you can attach and send photos that are in the Photos or Gallery applications.

Attention: the described actions will give a positive result only if you perform them step by step.

Social networks

Well, here it’s generally simple. I already do not even know people. who would not have VK or Classmates. After all, through them you can easily transfer attached photos.

In order to transfer a photo to the interlocutor, just go to the messages, select a friend and attach images to the message, even without text.

Instant messengers

Today, the popularity of instant messengers is growing every day. Of course! This mega is convenient, simple and always at hand! I think most people can’t imagine their life without Viber, Whats Up or a telegram? So, it’s no secret to anyone that these platforms also do great in sending photos and videos. Of course, there are restrictions on the number of photos sent at one time, but no one bothers you to do this with a few hits.

In any messenger there is a special button that is responsible for sending the image to the interlocutors. Click on it and select images from your gallery or find the folder in which the desired images are stored. Therefore, probably, this method of transferring photos is one of the most popular.

Photo transfer

A cool application for those who want to transfer photos to a smartphone or any mobile device, computer or even iPhone. Very often it is used by people who bought a new smartphone and want to transfer old photos from android to android.

The interface of the program is very convenient and understandable, in addition, the application can work in the background.

An excellent application that has also been developed for a specific task is to transfer photos from this smartphone to another. The only thing you will need to create your account in order to use this program.

The principle of operation is approximately the same as when working with the cloud, you must send pictures to a special storage, after which, from another phone, pick up photos from this storage.

In fact, there are many more such applications, but I see no reason to list each of them. They are not so difficult to find in the vast Play Market.

In principle, I think that you no longer need other methods of transferring photos between smartphones, as these are enough for the eyes. Therefore, I will conclude my article today.

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