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In this article, you will learn how to set up a Spanish layout so that you can print in Spanish using symbols such as: ñ, ü, é, á, ú, ó.

the description is true for the MS Windows operating system
To do this, right-click on the language bar (in the lower right corner, the icon for switching RU / EN layouts). Right-click on it and select "Options", then click on the "Add" button. In the window that opens, select “Spanish language (Spain, traditional sorting)” and click “OK”, again “OK”. To print in Spanish, you will need to switch the layout by pressing ALT + SHIFT, or CTRL + SHIFT, depending on the system settings.

In order to emphasize the vowel, switch to the Spanish layout (ALT + SHIFT, or CTRL + SHIFT depending on the system settings), press the "E" key and at the same time the vowel that needs to be printed, for example, "á". So, remember the order: the E key and at the same time any vowel.

To type Ñ, switch to the Spanish layout and press the F key.
To print the inverted “« ”question mark, switch to the Spanish layout and press the SHIFT and + keys simultaneously.
To print the question mark “?” In the Spanish layout, press the SHIFT and “-” keys simultaneously.
To print the inverted exclamation point “¡”, switch to the Spanish layout and press the “+” key.
To type a hyphen “-” in the Spanish layout, press the question mark key “?” (On the keyboard next to the letter U)
To type Ü, switch to the Spanish layout, press the “SHIFT”, “E” keys at the same time, then the “U” key.
You can now print your first ¡Hola Amigos to friends! ¿Cómo estás?

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    5 speed tests!

    How to print Ñ and accented characters (á, í, ú.) In the Spanish layout

    Very simple: press the key with Russian E, and then press the key with the vowel over which you want to put the graphic stress (see example below for A). Favorite "Spanish" letter - ñ - is located very close, on the key with Russian J.


    Elizabeth, there is an option and easier with a computer keyboard (we are talking about Windows). It is necessary to put the keyboard layout, which is called the United States international. It is included in the standard system package. In this case, all the specific Spanish characters are printed on the keyboard in the Latin layout with the additional Alt key. That is, for example,! + Alt = ¡etc.

    Thanks for the tip!

    I will add that alt in this case is right, and also that in this layout there are diacritical characters for many other languages, for example, Portuguese + characters like © (alt + c)

    How to print Spanish characters that are not in the English layout

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