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How to get a tattoo yourself

Many people in youthpaying tribute to fashion or to perpetuate the name of their love, they make a tattoo on the body. Meanwhile, a tattoo is not a simple drawing, it is almost impossible to remove it at home without leaving marks and scars on the skin.

Fashion for drawing tattoos came to us from America and today teenage girls consider indescribably charming a body where a butterfly, a flower, a dragon or other original drawings flaunts. But as polls of people with a tattoo on the body show, half of them regret that they agreed to apply a body-print in their youth and want to get rid of it, so that after that the skin at the place of the tattoo would not look terrifying.

Mature people age consider a tattoo a mistake of youth, which can only be done by stupid teenagers who do not think that getting rid of a tattoo will take much more time, effort and money than applying it. Each person changes over the years, and a tattoo, which in his youth seemed beautiful and creative, after 10 years becomes a pattern that has lost its relevance and attractiveness.

To understand, why it is so difficult to get a tattoo, you need to have an idea of ​​how the procedure for applying it is carried out. In tattoo parlors there is a special tattoo machine, the needle of which punctures the skin and injects particles of the coloring matter into it. As soon as the particles of paint enter the skin, the body’s protective bodies begin to actively struggle with foreign matter, forming capsules of skin cells around them that prevent further penetration of the paint into deeper layers of the tissue. Over time, the paint particles become overgrown with a large layer of protective capsules, and it becomes almost impossible to reduce the paint from under this layer without removing the upper epidermis of the skin.

Nowadays no one already hesitates to remove tattoos, burning the top layer of the skin with iodine, tincture of celandine, chemicals, vinegar or potassium permanganate. All these methods are designed to exfoliate the layers of the skin along with the pigments of the tattoo paint, after which, of course, ugly scars, spots and scars remain on the body. In addition, self-removal of a tattoo using skin-burning substances is fraught with a risk of tissue infection and the development of an allergy to the reagent. To avoid unpleasant possible complications, it is best to remove tattoos in a tattoo parlor or beauty salon. To date, the most advanced methods of tattoo removal in salons are:

1. Coagulation. This method is based on cauterization of the skin with acid, electric current or plasma. After these operations, a crust forms on the site of the tattoo, which disappears after about 3 weeks. After removal of the tattoo by coagulation by the skin, scars and scars can remain on the skin, and therefore the advantage of this method is only the acceptable price of the procedure.

2. Mechanical method. This method is the most popular among the population of our country. It differs from the coagulation method in that during the operation, the surgeon, using a special diamond cutter, cuts off the upper layer of the skin along with the tattoo. This procedure is painful and it is performed under local anesthesia. Whether scars remain after wound healing depends on the professionalism of the doctor and the degree of skin protection against infection.

3. Laser method. Laser tattoo removal is by far the safest and most successful method. Modern laser devices make it possible to act not on the entire area of ​​the skin, as was done before, but only on the coloring matter of the tattoo.

After such selective action laser some of the elements of the paint evaporate, and the other breaks up into small particles, which eventually are eliminated from the body without external interference. This method of laser tattoo removal is called selective photocavitation. The disadvantage of the photocavitation method is the length of the course of procedures. In one procedure, you can’t completely get rid of the tattoo, sometimes you need to visit a beauty salon for a year, so that the picture on the body disappears without a trace. But not always the laser method helps to completely get rid of the tattoo, its final result depends on:

- on the quality of the paint. If you used ink with a ballpoint pen or a gel pen to apply a tattoo, the pattern cannot be completely removed.
- from the place of tattooing. If the picture is located on a place with a lot of muscles, then the risk of scars and scars is highest.
- from the technique and depth of tattooing. The more layers of skin touched by punctures, the less likely it is to completely get rid of the tattoo.

Despite the fact that with selective photocavitation it is not always possible to completely remove a tattoo from the skin, today this method is the only way that makes it possible to get rid of a tattoo without leaving scars, spots and scars in its place.

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