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How to extract apk file from google play?

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There are several ways to extract an APK file from an already installed application. The traditional one involves searching the file system, but the developer Pavel Rekun came up with a much easier way by creating a special application manager that allows you to extract the APK file from the application into a separate folder with one click.

Where to get the apk file

  • Install the Skit app,
  • Give him the necessary privileges,
  • Find the application in the installed software section,

Go to his page and click on the compass icon,

  • Now go to the application “My files” - “Phone memory”,
  • Locate and open the Skit folder. It will contain the apk files of the applications you extracted.
  • The extracted APK file can be transferred to other users, allowing them to install for free even the paid software that you purchased on Google Play. Despite the fact that this is not entirely legal, this method may come in handy when using two smartphones, one of which works on the basis of Chinese firmware that does not include Google Play.

    In addition to the ability to extract the APK file, Skit provides access to information about the permissions that the applications received, the date of their last update, as well as additional details about the developer. Such information may come in handy if you are not sure about the security of the application and the reliability of its publisher.

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    How to download an APK file from the Play Market to install on your phone?

    To download the APK file of the necessary application or game on the Google Play Market, you do not need special programs or plugins at all. To do this, you need to go to the Google Play website in the browser and open the page with the application of interest.

    • Open the browser page
    • In the address bar, instead of the domain, specify (do not touch anything else, only change the domain)

    Do not forget the main thing, in the settings of your device should be allowed to install applications from unverified sources.