Useful Tips

How to get tall?


Human growth is determined mainly by 18−20 years.

Some boys worry that they are short compared to their peers.

There may be several reasons for this.

Firstly, if your parents are tall, then most likely you will be tall too. The exception will be boys who from an early age begin to smoke and drink alcohol. Then it is very difficult to foresee their physical development. You can also say goodbye to the dream of a strong physique and high growth.

The second reason may be the features of your development. Each person develops according to his own program. Very often, a boy who, say, at age 12 was the smallest in the class, comes to school after the summer holidays, and no one recognizes him - that is how he grew up over the summer.

The third cause may be any disease. And in this case, the cure of the disease will entail an increase in growth.

In any case, remember that a healthy lifestyle - compliance with hygiene requirements, rejection of bad habits, physical education and sports - play an important role for the normal growth of your developing body. After all, with low physical activity, there is also a delay in the development of bones, and growth can slow down.

As a result of special scientific studies, it was revealed that with rationally dosed static and dynamic loads, the bones strengthen, grow better. Today, there is no doubt that the fact that regular physical education and sports contribute to enhancing the growth of the body, stimulate its development. At the same time, excessively high physical activity can significantly slow down and even stop the growth process.

Particularly favorable for growth are stretching exercises, for example, hanging on the bar and pulling up. They help to stretch the spine and relieve pressure on the intervertebral discs. These exercises should be performed against the background of muscle relaxation (relaxation), then their effectiveness increases.

Jumping exercises (for example, jumping up), pulling up, leaning forward and sideways, bending backward, relaxation exercises, etc. are also very useful.

They stimulate the growth of basketball, volleyball, jumping, swimming, as well as massage, thermal procedures, hardening. The increase in growth is due to irritation of the growth zones and stimulation of metabolic processes in the body. However, effects on the growth process are effective mainly up to 18−20 years, that is, until the growth zones in the pineal glands are closed. Timely application of a set of measures stimulating growth can give an increase of up to 10−20 percent.

What exactly can recommend those who want to grow up?

First of all, you should eat right. The diet should be sufficient in calories and complete in its qualitative composition. You need to eat simple, healthy food: cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal), cottage cheese with honey, liver, eggs, a sufficient number of various vegetables and fruits, rose hip, sea buckthorn, pollen.

Lead a healthy lifestyle: following the regimen is not so important for growth, but it is necessary to engage in physical education and sports.

Perform special exercises regularly (an approximate complex is given below), supplementing them with swimming in the pool 2-3 times a week (preferably breaststroke), thermal procedures (sauna, warm baths - 37-39 ° - with sea salt, pine extract, medicinal plants) , massage and hardening effects. All this will cause irritation of the growth zones, revitalize microcirculation and metabolism in the tissues of the body and ultimately lead to a more or less pronounced acceleration of growth processes.

In conclusion, we give an approximate set of special exercises to stimulate growth. First you need to do a little warm-up of simple general developmental exercises. Start it with walking, then knead the joints of the arms, legs, and spine using circular rotational movements, leaning forward, sideways, bending backward, turning, swinging. This is followed by an easy 3–5-minute run, and then special exercises:

1. Stand facing the wall and stretch up (for example, to the line marked at the top above), rising on your toes and straightening as much as possible.

2. Stretch, then, having lowered, relax as much as possible and hang for a few minutes.

3. In the pendulum, perform pendulum swings of the legs left and right (the muscles should be relaxed as much as possible).

4. In a relaxed hang, rotate the body left and right.

5. Jumping up: push each other right, left, then with both legs. When bouncing, try to reach for a highly placed object.

6. Starting position - lying on your back, legs straight, arms to the sides. Alternately lift one leg or the other to a right angle.

7. Starting position - lying on your stomach, legs straight, arms behind your back in the "castle". To bend, raising his head and shoulders.

8. Starting position - lying on the stomach, legs straight, arms extended along the body. Raise closed straight legs.

Repeat each exercise repeatedly (6−12 or more times, depending on the type of exercise and your physical fitness). Do not forget that overload is also harmful.