Useful Tips

How to become a clown


Your calling is to give laughter to the kids. You want to become a clown at home. I am ready to suggest what should be done. Just keep in mind that the profession is complex.

At the same time, do not be alarmed, for clowning is a comprehensive creativity that can be learned.

First, let's ask a serious question.

Is it obligatory to enter a specialized university?

one). You type in the search engine the words "the best clowns in the world."

Carefully read the biography of at least three.

In it, you will briefly learn about how Yuri Nikulin, Oleg Popov, Yuri Kuklachev and others became clowns.

2). Buy specialized literature.

How to become a good clown at home?

Tricks and tricks clowning.


3). Enter the image of one of the clowns.

Dress like him: false mustache, funny hat, “tomato nose”, checkered pants.

To do this, carefully consider the photos of famous clowns.

Have you already dressed up?

four). Then at home, on your own, master the clown techniques, tricks and performances.

five). Of course, you will need special devices.

Throw pins, trying not to drop them as long as possible.

Start with two.

6). To become a good clown for children, you must endlessly love them. All without exception.

To have a sense of humor yourself, to amuse people for free.

I have outlined only a direction so that you can understand where to start the difficult but noble path of good and justice.

The material was prepared by I. Edwin Vostryakovsky.