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Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending - how to unlock the epilogue in Kingdom Hearts 3


Kingdom Hearts II (Japanese キ ン グ ダ ム ハ ー ツ II Kingudamu Ha: Tsu Tsu:, Kingdom of Hearts II) is an action RPG computer game developed and published exclusively by Square Enix and Disney Interactive on the PlayStation 2 game console. It was released December 22, 2005 in Japan, March 28, 2006 in the United States, September 28, 2006 years in Australia and September 29, 2006 in Europe. The game, co-created by Disney Interactive and Squaresoft, is a sequel Kingdom Hearts, the characters of the series simultaneously entered it Final fantasy and the worlds of Walt Disney. Since the first part of the series was very popular, manga and ranobe were written based on it. In 2007, only in Japan came out an addition called Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +.

Kingdom Hearts II

Cover of the North American edition of the game
DeveloperSquare Enix PDD 1
PublishersSquare enix
Disney Interactive
Part of a seriesKingdom Hearts
Release datesDecember 22, 2005
March 28, 2006
September 28, 2006
September 29, 2006
March 29, 2007- as Final mix +
Genrerole-playing action
CERO: A - All ages
ESRB: E10 + —
  • Everyone 10+
    OFLC (A): PG
  • Parental guidance
    PEGI: 12
    USK: USK 6 [d]
  • Creators
    SupervisorTetsuya Nomura
    ProducersShinji Hashimoto
    Yoshinori Kitase
    Game designersYuichi Kanemori
    Takeshi Endo
    Masaru Oka
    ScreenwritersTetsuya Nomura
    Kazushige Nojima
    Daisuke watanabe
    ProgrammersTakayoshi Ito
    Hiroshi Harata
    Kantarou Yasui
    ArtistsTetsuya Nomura
    Takayuki Odati
    Tomohiro Asegawa
    Takeshi Arakawa
    Suite Sato
    ComposerYoko shimomura
    Technical details
    PlatformPlaystation 2
    Game modesingle user
    Interface languageJapanese
    CarrierDVD ROM
    ControlDualshock 2
    Summary rating
    Gameranks87,46 %
    Foreign language editions
    1UP.comA +
    Game informer9/10
    Play magazine9,5/10
    Russian-language editions
    Game country8,5/10

    Kingdom Hearts II It was warmly received by the gaming press and had a high level of sales. In the first week after the release of the game in Japan, the number of copies sold was close to a million and amounted to 730,000 copies. NPD Group announced that Kingdom Hearts II became the best-selling console game in North America, and the number of copies sold was 614,000. About a million CDs were sold in the North American month after release. GameStop retail chain called Kingdom Hearts II, the distribution of which she was engaged in during the first quarter of 2006, the best-selling computer game.

    Reviews Edit

    The game has received many awards, including the Satellite Award, as "the best game based on existing media products." Together with Res>. In a poll, Famitsu readers identified Kingdom Hearts II like the twenty-ninth game in the list of the hundred best games of all time, which is ten places lower than the first Kingdom Hearts. According to IGN, the game took the first place in the “Reader's Choice” list of games for the PlayStation 2, while Eurogamer magazine placed it in 34th place in the list of fifty best games of 2006. Computer Gaming Magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly Awarded Kingdom Hearts II “Best Continuation” award, in addition, the game was included in the list of fifty best games of 2006 by Game Informer magazine. V>, and GamePro journalists put this game on the twenty-fifth place in the list of the best role-playing games of all time. Kingdom Hearts II received an almost perfect score of 39/40 points in a Famitsu magazine review.

    How To Unlock The Secret Of The Kingdom 3 Secret Ending

    To unlock the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3, you'll need to find and photograph some lucky emblems. There are 90 to find, but, fortunately for you, we have a place for all the happy emblems of the Kingdom of Hearts 3. From stomping Hercules on Olympus to crew of Big Hero 6 in San Francisco and even to Rabbit House on 100 acres of Wood, we examined each successful emblem in the game so you can quickly find them and open the Kingdom Hearts 3 epilogue called Lost Secrets.

    The exact amount you need to find to open the Lost Secrets epilogue is actually determined by the difficulty you are playing with. If you chose Beginner at the beginning of the game, you will need to find all 90 lucky emblems, but if you are in normal mode, this number will be less. If you're a Kingdom Hearts veteran and play in Proud mode, you'll have to find even less, according to director Tetsuya Nomura in an interview with Famitsu.

    How to watch the secret finale of Kingdom Hearts 3

    When you find all the lucky emblems in the game, a pop-up window should appear informing you that you have unlocked the secret ending. To actually view the epilogue “Lost Secrets”, you need to go back to the main menu and scroll down to “Theater”. Scroll right to the bottom and to the end, you will have an Epilogue. Inside the Epilogue - Lost Secrets. The secret finale lasts only a few minutes, but it has several familiar faces, as well as several seemingly new ones. Definitely worth a look, especially if you're not completely happy with the end of Kingdom Hearts 3.