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10 menu items of the healthiest fast food in the world


Not all those who want to open their own business have an impressive amount of investment. Therefore, they have to find those areas of activity in which they can invest relatively little, but at the same time have a good profitable business. Such a business can include fast food establishments. This food is very popular among people of different ages and different social strata. Brands McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Burger King and others brilliantly prove it.

In order to successfully implement a business idea such as opening a fast food, you must have a high-quality business plan with detailed calculations of expenses and profits. Only in this way you can claim success in this type of business.

Fast Food Business Plan

You can order a business plan specifically for your case from specialized companies, or do it yourself. However, if you are not well versed in this matter, it is better to trust the professionals, since the slightest miscalculation can lead to fatal consequences. We give the approximate amount that will be required to start a fast food business, as well as your possible income in this matter.

    Registration of business and obtaining permits from various government services

250 dollars. Room repair

1200 dollars. Equipment purchase

2000 dollars. Advertising campaign

300 dollars (after the initial advertising campaign in the future, it will be required to maintain it, which will also take a certain amount of money). Purchase of raw materials (products)

$ 2,500 monthly.

We do not indicate the cost of renting a room, since this amount can vary significantly depending on the city, the size of the room and its location.

6000 dollars. Monthly net profit

How to open a fast food cafe

First you need to decide on the form in which you will register your company. It is best to start with a form of individual entrepreneurship. Such an enterprise takes shape quite quickly and without problems. As well as for any public catering enterprise, for fast food it is necessary to obtain permits in the sanitary and epidemiological station, consumer supervision, fire inspection, and also to register with the tax service.

10. KFC fried chicken breast and legs

Most KFC menu items are full of fat and plenty of sodium. This is not surprising, because the word "fry" is in the name of the restaurant itself. Thus, if you eat at KFC, your main goal will be to find something that is not fried in tons of fat and not soaked in oil.

The best way to meet these requirements is to order chicken breast. Since the name itself implies that it is not fried, but made on the grill, which will save you a lot of calories. If you are really serious about limiting the fat in your diet, then remove the skin from the chicken breast before eating it. In addition to chicken, you can get a small portion of mashed potatoes, as well as green beans or boiled corn on the cob. Do not forget that you should not drown your potatoes in sauce or oil beans or corn. All meals, without seasoning, will be approximately 390 calories.


The decision to go into fast food and have a snack most people take spontaneously. Usually nobody plans to visit fast food establishments in advance, such as visiting a restaurant. Therefore, in order for visitors to enter your fast food, it must be placed where a large flow of people passing by is constantly observed. Fast foods are located along busy streets, near train stations, shopping and entertainment centers (or in their territory), educational institutions, and business centers.

9. Burger King flame-fried hamburger

If you are unable to resist the taste of a hamburger, then the best way to keep your daily calorie intake in order is to order the simplest hamburger in Burger King. It has a total of only 230 calories and nine grams of fat. Bonfire-fried hamburger has significantly less sodium than most others from Burger King and even many of their salads. If you really choose it, give up Mayo and order a regular salad.


In big cities, competition in this area is quite serious. Giants of fast food (for example, McDonald’s, which is already in almost every city) take over a significant part of the market. Therefore, choosing the location of your enterprise, carefully analyze the area for competitors, and if there are any, examine their pricing and menu. If you have a clear competitive advantage - you can risk opening your own establishment next to another fast food. However, the discovery of fast food where such establishments are in short supply will be less risky.

8. Baja Fresh Fish Wahoo Taco

Fish tacos contain just 230 calories. This is a great way to get some seafood for your diet. You can add avocados or even a few spoons of Badge Fresh salsa for an extra flavor. Fish tacos contain so few calories that you are entitled to order rice and beans. The fiber in beans will keep you full for a very long time without adding a lot of unnecessary calories. Avoid fried corn tortilla - such a small portion will add more than 200 calories!

Fast food menu

You need to choose the focus of your institution in terms of food. In principle, food can be absolutely anything, the main thing is to comply with the rule that combines this category of catering - the ability to quickly cook food and serve quickly. In this regard, fast foods always use prepared meals and upon receipt of an order, employees quickly bring it to a state of readiness and serve it to the client. The names of dishes in fast food can be as follows:

  1. Pizza,
  2. Sandwiches, hamburgers,
  3. French fries,
  4. Salads
  5. Dumplings
  6. Hot dogs
  7. Cakes, buns,
  8. Pancakes
  9. Soups
  10. Chebureks,
  11. Hot and cold drinks.

To make the menu more varied, offer different variations of the same dish. For example, dumplings with different sauces, pancakes with different toppings and watering, pizza with different fillings, different sandwiches and sandwiches. From drinks, add tea, coffee, mineral water, juices, sweet soda to the menu.

You can specialize in any one dish, for example, dumplings. Then your menu should have a large number of different options for dumplings - not only with different sauces, but also with different fillings (different types of meat or other fillings). Then you get dumplings-fast food. Of course, in this case, you can include other dishes in the menu (pies, soups, etc.), but in smaller quantities. In the same way, you can make a pizzeria, pie, pancake, etc.

7. Wendy's Chicken Fried Sandwich

While many Wendy's burgers are very high in calories, their chicken fried sandwich has relatively fewer calories, only 380 and seven grams of fat, and, for example, asiago ranch club sandwich, more than 650 calories!

The sandwich goes with tomato and salad. Instead of mayonnaise, add hot mustard to it. This choice will definitely protect you from high calories with a high fat content.


For fast food you will need kitchen appliances for cooking. Among them may be:

  1. Deep fryers,
  2. Microwaves,
  3. Meat grinders
  4. Cold stores,
  5. Cheburechnits,
  6. Crepe makers
  7. Coffee machines
  8. Ovens,
  9. And other necessary equipment, depending on the direction of fast food.

It is better to use disposable plastic dishes. As a competitive advantage, you can try using eco-friendly dishes made from appropriate materials.

6. Taco Bell Fresco Fried Steak in Soft Tacos

In addition to his strange love of tacos with Doritos and layers of cream cheese, Taco Bell changes the menu and adds ‘healthier’ suggestions for customers. The healthiest of these options is Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco.

Each taco is only 150 calories and has 4.5 grams of fat. It is filled with steak and vegetables. If you order two Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco, then your diet will total 300 calories and add 24 grams of protein.

Room design

Despite the fact that fast foods usually do not spend much time, visitors should be pleasant to be indoors. Therefore, the design of the interior is better if it is simple, but cozy. An important point is the cleanliness of the room. Since fast food establishments always have a large flow of people, and visitors at each table quickly change, maintaining constant cleanliness can be a problem.

Place special containers at each exit where visitors can throw away disposable tableware, plastic cups and paper packaging. However, visitors do not always do this, and simply leave trash on the table. Your employees should carefully monitor this and quickly remove trash from the tables so that the following customers can sit down for them.

5. Chicken Starbucks & Hummus box with fast

The mega cafe chain, known for its huge cookies and roasting hot coffee, flips a healthy leaf. In addition to a few sandwiches, Starbucks has added bistro boxes to its menu. There are several options, but the most healthy is chicken and hummus.

Just 270 calories and 4 grams of protein in each box, a good opportunity for reinforcement. In the box you will find chicken breast, hummus, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and wheat pita. Since it all doesn’t contain so many calories, you can allow cream to be added to your coffee as a sweet treat.

4. Chipotli salad bowl

Chipotli quickly made a name for himself as the perfect fast food restaurant where you can find healthy food options. They are known for their attempt to use organic meat and vegetables, as well as the fact that you can make your own food option. From burritos to salads, customers can choose vegetarian food, chicken, steak, rice, beans and salsa as toppings for their order. With each supplement, the calorie content as well as the sodium content increase. To keep sodium and calories low, we recommend that you choose a Chipotli salad bowl. All toppings are added over romaine lettuce. Add either chicken or steak, beans, vegetables and chili salsa, and then you get food in which no more than 250 calories.

3. McDonald’s fruit and parfait yogurt: 150 calories

Last year, fast-food chains like McDonald’s saw a decrease in the number of consumers who were ready to indulge in their high-calorie foods. McDonald’s has taken steps to provide an easier choice of food by creating a “Favorites Under 400 ″ menu. There are several sandwiches and salads in which there are fewer calories but a lot of sodium.

Fruit purees and fruit-filled yogurts are very low in calories and low in sodium. The parfait contains a total of only 150 calories and ten percent of the daily calcium intake. Each parfait comes with supplements in which a reduced fat content, vanilla yogurt, and fresh strawberries and blueberries.

2. Subway Six Inch Indian Breast Sandwich

If you are looking for fast food that contains many nutrients, then Subway is the place for you. There are several options from which you can choose, but the six-inch turkey sandwich is the lowest calorie in all 280 calories. It also contains the highest amount of healthy carbohydrates and protein. Subway makes your choice very easy, providing a huge variety of vegetables to add to your menu. From salad and tomato to pickles and olives, the choice can be endless. You can make your sub even healthier by choosing nine cereal bread and light mayonnaise instead of full Mayo fat.

1. Chick-fil-A fried salad

Chick-fil-A has many healthy options that most people would enjoy, but the healthiest option on their menu is Fried Salad. Romaine salad fills a bowl, fried chicken, strawberries, blueberries, apples and blue cheese cover it. Each salad comes with different additives that you should not forget about, as they can increase the calorie content of the order very quickly. If you do not heat the salad in the sauce, then all food will contain approximately 200 calories and 230% of your daily intake of vitamin A.

Wokie Dokie / Wokie Doki

Wokie dokie - This is the Scandinavian project of healthy eating, which was launched by a franchise several years ago by Russian businessmen. The network was promised, but so far the only Wokie Dokie has been operating in the capital - it is located in the MEGA shopping center Khimki.

Menu Wokie dokie - this is a kind of constructor: you can take as a basis jasmine rice or egg noodles (both of which are 30 rubles per 100 g) and add to them whatever your heart desires: vegetables (Mexican mixture, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, etc. ) or something more satisfying - fish, pork, chicken, shrimp.

What and how to combine is decided by the guest himself, he chooses the sauce (sweet and sour, pineapple, teriyaki, etc.). The average price of such a sophisticated dish is 200 rubles. The service does not go beyond the typical fast food: you go to the checkout counter, name the composition of the dish, pay (at this time the cook prepares the dish) and after a couple of minutes you pick up the order.

Why is it healthy fast food? Firstly, everything is fresh and instant. Secondly, the combination of rice plus fish is very successful. Thirdly, no high-calorie dressings and frying oil: as in typical Chinese eateries, the cook instantly mixes and prepares all the ingredients on a wok.

There are also salads on the menu - Caesar with chicken (93 rubles) and with shrimps (108 rubles), Spring (43 rubles), Greek (97 rubles) - and soup of the day (57 rubles).

However, not everything here is so smooth. Of course, no line in Wokie dokie no, but the products seem to be stale, and often instead of serving really fresh and wholesome food, a guest is given a box of thawed broccoli, fresh salmon, which has been lying in the freezer for more than one day, and cocktail shrimps, which were also caught from the sea for several months. And the question arises: is it not better to go to a neighboring institution where hamburgers are prepared - harmful, of course, but without obvious flaws.

Shopping center "Mega" -Khimki


Very smart people work in this network: a few years ago they realized that Mcdonalds should change after its guests and in the future become - as far as possible - “healthy” fast food. First, natural juices, salads, yoghurts appeared in the USA and Europe, and then they introduced a part of the position in the Russian part of the network. By the way, the heroine of a new advertising campaign Mcdonalds became an energetic fit girl jogging in the morning with a player in her ears - an ideal way to popularize healthy eating.

Lettuce in Mcdonalds two - “Vegetable” and “Caesar” with chicken. They are served in cute, bright dishes with green lettuce on them.

Salads are made from a mixture of iceberg, romano, lollo rosso, tatsoy leaves, carrots, cherry tomatoes are added, in the "Vegetable" - corn and fresh cucumbers, and in "Caesar" - a piece of breaded chicken and parmesan. Refueling is offered at choice: oil and wine vinegar, sauce "1000 island" or "Caesar". And if you choose the lesser of two evils, then it is better to focus on “Vegetable”: according to the table of energy and nutritional value of the products, it contains 60 kcal, while Caesar - 250 kcal due to a solid piece of chicken.

Salads have a typical taste of “fresh” food from Mcdonalds. If you ever bought ready-made sets of lettuce leaves for long storage, you will immediately understand what kind of taste it is. And they seem to be fresh, juicy, but this freshness has a different nature than salads, for example, from Prime Star. Network coverage, on the other hand Mcdonalds much wider than the competition, and if there is no way to eat somewhere else, then healthy and healthy dishes can be found here.