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Wash wax from clothing and other items: proven methods


Withdraw from clothes following a wax pencil is somewhat problematic (especially for stained spots) but possible.

Of course, first of all, the timeliness of detecting such a “problem” affects. If everything is timely, then it is necessary:

  • Put clothes in the freezer and how well it freezes - scrape off with a knife.
  • Put a few layers of paper napkins on the stain and give it a warm iron (in no case ironing, otherwise the stain will increase).
  • Wash with bleach (for colored items if necessary).

Highly an effective tool, like a solvent, is WD-40 (it can always be bought at automobile stores). This is an aerosol. Spray gently onto the stain and squeeze the same napkins (you need to try to prevent this aerosol from accidentally falling into other areas of the fabric). Then a wash, possible both by hand and in the machine again with powder and bleach.

For washing You can also use the mixture: 1 cup of borax, 50 grams of detergent, 1 cup of white vinegar, 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup of stain remover (for colored cotton, of course, peroxide is not recommended.

Don't forget and about the Antipyatin soap, it can also be used for washing.

Ways to remove wax and paraffin from clothing

Paraffin and wax candles are in great demand among lovers of romance. A beautiful decorative decoration that can dilute gray everyday life. Wax is used for hair removal and depilation.

A wide range of products is presented in stores; they are divided into two categories depending on the main component:

  • from paraffin - a waxy product obtained by distillation of oil,
  • from wax - a mixture of simple lipids that are of plant or animal origin.

For the manufacture of products using paraffin with additives. If it gets on clothing, the molten candle leaves a stain that penetrates the fibers and quickly hardens on the surface. The water-repellent composition, which cannot be removed with a simple washing, will have to use a home arsenal of funds.

Important recommendations:

  1. Carefully read the labels on things for proper care.
  2. Pre-do a test for the reaction of the selected product with a tissue in an inconspicuous area.
  3. When working with flammable liquids, observe the following precautions: do not put it on your face, do not set it on fire, protect your hands with gloves.

Exposure to various temperatures

Melting of wax and paraffin occurs at a low temperature of 60 degrees, the best way to wipe is to heat the thing.

Starting the procedure, you need to remove the excess substance from the surface of the tissue so that they do not increase the area of ​​contamination, do not penetrate deep into. Use a knife with a blunt side or other object. Slowly scrape off the wax or paraffin, being careful not to damage the surface. If the product is textured - a dress, coat, pants, first place it in the freezer. After 10 minutes, freeze slightly remember the place of contamination and brush off.

  • put the product on a flat surface - a table, an ironing board, etc.,
  • put a paper towel or towel folded in several layers on top (toilet paper is suitable),
  • process with a warm iron, the temperature is above average,
  • the wax will melt when absorbed into the paper (replace the wipe as necessary).

If there is no iron, use a kettle:

  1. Boil the kettle.
  2. Gently pour boiling water over the dirt. Hot water will melt particles of matter, it will soften and move away.

A trace will help to clean a simple, effective laundry soap.

Ammonia, turpentine

Ammonia has a wide range of properties. For use, it is necessary to dissolve 1 tbsp. funds in water (1 l.) and pour the stained fabric with the prepared solution. After drying, send to the washing machine.

Turpentine or ethyl alcohol will help to cope with a fatty solid in a few minutes. Moisten a cotton swab in the liquid, rub the dirty area until completely dissolved. To wash. If the stain does not go away, leave the moistened cotton wool for 20-30 minutes.

Other means

The method of disposal depends on the type of material from which the clothes are made or the quality of the contaminated surface.

Velvet, suede

An organic solvent and ordinary soap will come to the rescue. The exposure time of the solution is only 15-20 minutes, after the traces the soap will help to withdraw.


A down jacket, trousers, a jacket and shoes with leather inserts are placed in the refrigerator or processed with ice. The frozen wax is scraped off, the stain is washed off with water.

Woolen rug or item of clothing

Remove the wax will help the tool with which the dishes are washed. Apply a little gel to the surface, leave for 6-8 hours. Wash normally.


For denim, freezing, treatment with turpentine, alcohol is suitable.

A way to remove a wax stain:

  • treat contamination with vegetable oil, leave for a few minutes,
  • apply dishwashing detergent, wash with your hands.

Paraffin can stain clothes, floor, table, candlestick, on which the candle stands. For each subject there is a way to fight:

  1. Laminate, linoleum, tile, wooden floor. Put a piece of ice on a spoon, bring to the stain. After hardening, gently wipe with a spoon, and wash off the traces with gasoline or gel for dishes. Check that tiles and other smooth surfaces do not slip.
  2. Chandelier. If it is brass, bronze and other metal, it is placed in a spacious pan and boiled. After complete cooling, remove and wipe. Cold helps to clean glass or plastic. Place in the freezer for half an hour and scrub off the substance after removal. Wood treated with steam.

How to wipe wax pencils

A beautiful colored pencil attracts the attention of a child. It is difficult for him to resist, so as not to decorate furniture, wallpapers, floors, clothes, toys with bright colors.

Mayonnaise will help restore the cleanliness of the vinyl surface and polished furniture. A small amount of the product is applied to a cloth, rubs until the picture is removed. A soft sofa will come back to life after being treated with a hot iron and a knife.

Removing wallpaper requires delicacy, texture and pattern can be damaged. Shaving cream, toothpaste is well suited. Apply to a dry cloth, rub until removed. You can use glue for rubber. Apply on top of the pencil and after drying remove the resulting film.

Melamine sponge quickly and easily cope with children's art.

Wet wipes, a liquid for wiping paint from the skin, Dr. stain remover will come to the rescue. Beckmann, Mr. Proper for floors.

Rules for removing wax stains from delicate fabrics

Moody fabrics need a special approach. Before cleaning them, be sure to read the labels to know which methods are unacceptable.

Synthetic silk, chiffon, organza, satin, wool are not able to withstand the effects of high temperature. A safe method of elimination is soaking in hot water and then blotting the wax with napkins or a rag. A normal wash will remove any greasy residue.

Knitwear, tulle with unstable paint. Freeze product, rub with hands. Grease the remains with chalk, cover with a paper towel. Put a heavy object on top, leave for a couple of hours. Wash off chalk residues with soapy water.

The terry look of fabrics can be held over steam, cleaned with a cloth. If the jacket or trousers are not completely cleaned, put a cotton wool moistened with gasoline or alcohol on the dirt, leave for half an hour. You can try the dishwashing detergent.

Delicate material does not always withstand thermal effects. A blouse, dress, shirt made of organza, on which markings with a ban on washing at high temperatures and ironing, can be wiped with an organic solvent, acetone. The problem area is treated with a swab neatly moistened with liquid. After the procedure, the product should be thoroughly washed in soapy water. The effect of washing with laundry soap.

There are many household products for processing delicate fabrics and furniture, but they have drawbacks and cannot always cope with complex pollution. To wash the wax or paraffin is a difficult task for the hostess. But "penny" funds to shine clean glass, floor, furniture and restore the freshness of your favorite clothes.