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Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)


My Sassy Girl (United States, 2007)
Dir: Jan Samuel
Cast: Jesse Bradford, Elisha Cuthbert, Joanna Gleason, William Abadi, Jay Patterson, Austin Basis, Chris Sarandon, Tom Eldridge, Louis Mustillo, Brian Reddy

I wish your story had a happy ending,
and you have the wisdom to find it.

- Thank.
I was hired.
“That's awesome, Charlie!”
- Mom and I are proud for you!
Yes, I'm proud too.
I want to say.

- Yes?
- What?
I will not work at Tiller King.

- Why?
Sorry, but I do not want to.

- But then
what will you do?
I just will live.
"Dear Jordan,"
"this story is about me"
"fell in love for the first and last time"
"into a beautiful, unusual, charming girl,"
"who settled in my heart."
"I'm pretty sure you'll leave me tomorrow,"
"so I’ll say it all now."
"Will we be near or far apart,"
"you will forever remain the only woman in my life."
"I will be jealous only of that man who will win your heart,"
"and I will always believe that I am that lucky one."
"We may never see each other again,"
"but one day, strolling"
"you will feel someone's presence nearby."
"Know that it's me."
"I will always love you."
"Wherever I am. With Charlie's love."
What to take and forget her?
What should I forget her?
In fact,
the question is not even: "Will we be together?"
And in that: "Where is the line between romance and illusion?"
"And how, how do you know when you crossed this line?"
Do you understand?
Do we live in a physical world that can be touched,
and we live in a world created in our brains?
It would be better if you studied entrepreneurship.

- Here you are!
You have become even more beautiful.

“But you haven't changed a bit!”

“My son is sad in heaven.”

- What are you, this is not so.

“I'm sure he's happy for you.”

“Well, what can I tell you about this young man?”

- I wanted to introduce you to him.
a year and a half ago, but then you did not come.
He is studying commerce.

- Very pretty.
This is Charlie.

- Sorry,
are you already familiar?
So this story ended.
Although, it started soon.

- I said that I will meet a guy from the future.
Not bad, huh?
As for fate
I only know one thing:
If fate seriously wants something,
she will harness you too.
You still have to go to a restaurant
have to meet
and you have to "walk the road with the one you love."

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

Only once, and even if you are very lucky, do you meet a person who divides your life into two parts, before meeting him and after.

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

Sometimes you make a relationship, and sometimes a relationship binds you.

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

We need to continue life, because we need to see how it will end!

(But we must live to find out how it will end.)
(We live in order to find out what will happen in the end ...)

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

Or maybe your fate is to change your fate.

(... and you imagine that redrawing and changing what is drawn is what is drawn to you)

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

Some days with her were painful. But without her it was even worse.

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

If I still feel bad without you, then this is not the end.

(Since I feel bad without you, this story is not over yet.)

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

“Well, what are the reasons to end dating her?”
First, a constant physical threat.
The second is the real possibility of a broken heart.
The third is lost work.
The fourth is her craziness.
Fifth, the desire to hurt me.
Sixth - a set of emotional baggage such that Louis Vetton (Louis Vuitton) nervously smokes.
Seventh - not a single kiss. Damn it!
And the eighth - it ruins my life.
“And the reasons to date her?”
- I love her.

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

Fate is a bridge that you build in life on the way to your loved one.

love, inevitability, rock, fate

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

For this, people exist - to save each other from themselves.

Mean Squishy Girl (My Sassy Girl)

As for fate, I know only one thing - if she seriously wants something, she will harness you, you still have to go to a restaurant, have to meet and you will build a bridge to the one you love.