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Human superpowers: how they become psychics


Probably, many people today are interested in the question of how they become psychics. They write books about mediums, witchers and sorcerers, make films and even entire television shows. Interest in everything magical and unknown is growing. And yet, how to learn to become a psychic in order to freely communicate with the world of spirits? How to develop the ability to look and see what is hidden from the eyes of other observers? How can you become a psychic?

We will answer all these questions, but first we suggest learning about the history of extrasensory perception.

A bit of history

Magic, witchcraft, and witchcraft have been around for several thousand years. And people with knowledge of the beyond were usually held in high esteem. They were feared, they were believed, and stories about them were told to their children and grandchildren.

Many cases have been recorded when people could communicate with the dead or perform magical rites. And such craftsmen were in any culture, in every nationality. Interestingly, the “popularity” of many magical currents varied depending on the era. In the Middle Ages, as we know, there was a fierce witch hunt, and in the 19th century, for example, people began to be interested in the possibility of communicating with the dead, the world of spirits.

Nowadays, a lot of magical skills and knowledge are concentrated in one concept - extrasensory perception. The person who owns these skills is called psychic. Let's talk about such people in more detail.

Who are psychics?

Psychic. What is he like? He can wear strange clothes and jewelry, carry ritual objects or even animals. He can behave strangely, and then a feeling is created that this person is not of this world. But we will be honest: most often such "psychics" turn out to be charlatans. They simply provide “magic services to the public” and at the same time put decent amounts of money in their pockets.

Why people believe charlatans is a completely different question. But real psychics still existed and exist. Otherwise, who was Wang then?

What can a psychic do?

The range of skills that are classified as extrasensory is great. For example, this includes clairvoyance, telepathy, reading information from various objects and photographs. In addition, the psychic can read thoughts, predict the future, remove or impose a curse, find a person or object. Sometimes even the opinion is expressed that a psychic can live almost forever. But how could it be otherwise, because accidents can be avoided if you see your future.

But psychic does not necessarily have all of these skills. Among clairvoyants, as well as among doctors, scientists and artists, specialization is widespread. That is, a person with extrasensory abilities can be a medium and can easily get in touch with spirits, but he will not necessarily be able to find the missing person.

Now that we have an idea of ​​extrasensory perception, let's move on to the answer to the question of how people become extrasensory perceptions. And is it possible to not have any obvious supernatural abilities, and then develop them?

Human superpowers: how to become a psychic

It is believed that the development of superpowers is possible. The thing is that each person has them, only some are much more pronounced. Other people, less sensitive, have to work on themselves for a long time.

How do they become psychics? Usually everyone has their own path. Someone inherited the gift, and someone gets into an extreme situation and gets abilities after a serious shock. But if we are talking about the purposeful development of a psychic gift, it is useful to keep in mind some approximate algorithm of actions.

The development of paranormal abilities. Action algorithm

So, for starters, it is recommended to open your consciousness to a new experience. In the future, you will discover a world inaccessible to other people's understanding, and therefore you will have to perceive a lot of new and strange.

Next, you need to understand how you can get intuitive information. There are four channels for obtaining such information:

  • clairvoyance,
  • clairaudience
  • clear feeling
  • clarity of knowledge.

The next step is to begin to strengthen your intuition. It can be compared with a muscle: the more you train a muscle group, the stronger it is. The same thing with intuition. Try to feel something about the person, and then check your assumptions.

Engage in meditation. Such mental practice is the key to the development of psychic abilities.

Practice to practice your skills. Hundreds of books are no substitute for regular practice. As for the author's works on extrasensory perception, study only those written by competent authors.

How to become a psychic. Exercises

There are many exercises for developing extrasensory abilities. We bring to your attention some of them.

  1. Psychometry. This method helps to develop the ability to clairvoyance. Ask someone you know to give you small items and try to tell something about them. It’s better to train on someone’s jewelry: metal preserves the energy of the person with whose skin he was in contact.
  2. Memorizing items is an exercise in clairvoyance. Ask your friend to collect 10 different small items and put them on a tray. It will be better if all the objects are unfamiliar to you. Look at the objects for 10 seconds, and then ask a friend to remove the tray. Describe all items as detailed as possible.
  3. Clairvoyance exercise It is very simple, you do not need an assistant for it. Just listen to what is happening around you. Pay attention to each sound, isolate individual from the general symphony. In addition to the ability to clairvoyance, you can also develop attention.

And remember, on this way, each practical exercise should bring you satisfaction, be joyful. Do not force yourself to do something. First of all, develop those abilities that you are interested in working on.

Now let's talk about people who have already become famous. How do those you have seen on television become psychics?

"The fight of extrasensories". Success stories

Probably one of the most famous mystical television projects is the Battle of the Psychics. The show has millions of viewers, and many are interested in its participants, their successes and personal life. Let's recall the stories of the brightest participants in the project. How do the winners of the Battle and its finalists become psychics?

The winner of the third Battle of the Psychics, Mehdi Ebragimi Wafa, at the age of nine, began to see the deaths of his family and friends. The boy did not understand what was happening to him, he was afraid of his gift. At the age of 17, Mehdi began to very accurately predict the future.

Liliya Khegay, the winner of the fifth “Battle”, received her gift by inheritance. Her grandmother was a famous clairvoyant.

Ilona Novoselova, a witch from the seventh season of the Battle of Psychics, is also a hereditary witch. The gift manifested itself in her early childhood and served an unkind service at school age. Her classmates did not like the girl, and later she had to completely transfer to home schooling, because the spirits behind Ilona's back prevented her from answering at the blackboard.

The finalist of the twelfth season, Anatoly Ledenev, worked all his life as a cabinetmaker. And one day he met with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, and after that the man opened a gift.

How did Vitaliy Gibert become a psychic? The winner of the eleventh season does not belong to the hereditary witching clan. His abilities also showed up in childhood, when his mother died of cancer. Vitaly admits that he saw his mother standing at the tomb next to her own body. From this moment the boy began to see otherworldly phenomena.

In the "Battle of psychics" participated a huge number of bright participants. However, the winner of the fifteenth season, Julia Wang, deserves special attention. How did Julia Wang become a psychic?

The story of the mysterious Julia Wang

This girl impressed the audience since the first release of the fifteenth season of the battle. She called herself the Spirit of Chaos and accurately passed all the selection tests. And in addition to all this, the girl still has a very bright appearance. How did Julia Wang become a psychic? This question was of interest to everyone who closely watched her successes in The Battle.

According to the stories of Julia herself, she remembers all her reincarnations, there were 150 in all. Even in infancy, by the power of thought, the girl could make others do what she wanted. In early childhood, Julia began to predict the future.

The biological father of the girl did not love her. He said that Julia is not his child. Julia herself admitted that she always knew - this is true. An ordinary person cannot be the father of the Spirit.

From childhood, Julia Wang was interested in esotericism. She loved to read and studied a huge number of works on this topic. According to books, the girl developed her abilities. She always knew that in the future she would become famous. And she did it.

Is it so easy to become a psychic?

Those who succeed admit that this path is not easy. And even the participants of the famous “Battle of psychics” themselves say that at the same time very many have to sacrifice: personal freedom, time, communication with relatives. And you have to make a huge amount of effort.

However, nothing is impossible. Anyone who works with utmost dedication on himself will certainly succeed.