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Tip 1: What to tell a girl to forgive


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So this time it exploded! She's furious, and you don't know if she can ever forgive you at all! Maybe you need to send her flowers? Her favorite cupcake? New BMW? Or maybe just say “I'm sorry” - and it doesn’t matter how it happens in the movies? Let's look at options for what can be done and see if we can help you rectify the situation.

The content of the article

When a girl is offended, you need to act immediately and ask for forgiveness, otherwise you can lose her. It’s just sometimes difficult to do this, but you should decide on this crucial step, since tomorrow it may be too late. There are several ways to ask the girl for forgiveness, but none of them guarantees a positive result, since all people are different.

Sincere words

For the girl to forgive, it is necessary, first of all, sincerity in words. You should not say template phrases, because she can just find it all a farce. First of all, it is boring to repent of your mistake and say that you were wrong. Girls are very fond of, when they are right, it flatters them. If she reacts positively, then the conversation can be continued by explaining the reasons that prompted her loved one to take such a step. Here you need to bring serious arguments, otherwise she will not forgive, and she will even lose faith in her boyfriend.

Explaining the situation, you should not shift your own blame on the girl, this will only make it worse. Here, on the contrary, you need to take responsibility for everything on yourself, then the beloved will understand that her young man can admit his mistakes and answer for his words. It is recommended to end the conversation with words about love, in this case the girl will understand that she is a real knight and will forgive his misconduct.

Sometimes words are not enough, and something more serious needs to be done. It’s a good idea to not only ask for forgiveness, but also to read a verse about love, a poem will do. You can learn a passage from the immortal creations of Shakespeare, such a gesture will make a huge impression on her, and she will forgive her boyfriend. His speech can be supported by a bouquet of flowers, so the beloved will see that the guy really cares, she is dear to him, and he will fight for her to the last. That's just the bouquet should be huge so that everyone turns into her trace. If there is a voice, then after an apology you can sing a love song. Such a gesture will certainly not go unnoticed, especially if you do it not in private, but with witnesses.

Asking the girl for forgiveness, one should not be afraid to show her emotions, because the fair sex lives by them. She will appreciate this recognition, because often men seem cruel and dry to them, and they need tenderness, the guy should demonstrate it, and then he will deserve her forgiveness.

Preparing for an Apology

Of course, that sounds a little strange. However, before asking for forgiveness, you should first prepare yourself well. First of all, you need to understand the reason for the quarrel, where its original sources are. Knowing this, you can avoid repeating such scenes in the future. Understand and accept that both parties are guilty of any quarrel - do not look for the guilty. Try to forgive her and yourself, do not evaluate the situation critically and tune in an apology.

During the apology, try not to remind about the reasons that caused the quarrel, otherwise you can quarrel again. Sometimes it’s enough to just say, “Forgive me,” sometimes it takes more. In any case, before apologizing, it is worth considering the text of the apology. Words must come from a pure heart. Do not fake feelings, because all women are very sensitive to lies. If she considers the apology to be false, then there may no longer be a second chance.

Choose the right moment to apologize for. You should not apologize immediately after a quarrel, because often a girl is simply not yet able to forgive. This is because women are more emotional creatures and, being in the grip of feelings (just after talking on elevated tones), she will not be ready to soberly perceive the situation. Therefore, it is worth waiting for the moment when the girl relaxes, and emotions subside.

In any case, do not demand an answer right away, maybe she will want to think or say that she needs to understand her feelings. Respect her needs and do not insist on immediate forgiveness. After all, the main thing is that she agreed to listen to an apology, which means that this relationship is also dear to her.

How to apologize: general recommendations

The most important thing in this matter is mood and sincerity. It’s worth apologizing wholeheartedly, but without pretense and excessiveness. In this case, the main thing is not to go too far, otherwise everything can only be spoiled even more. So, the mood should be only positive and constructive. Do not think that apologizing to a girl is something out of the ordinary and now she should feel obligated. This is not at all true, no one owes anything to anyone, and it doesn’t matter who decided to apologize first, more importantly, that the first step has been taken.

It’s best to apologize personally, because in this case you can directly contact her: touch, exchange tender looks, acquire. Yes, and simply with a personal contact it is much easier to assess her condition than when talking on or in ICQ. You can invite her to a date and come with a chic bouquet of flowers or call to the cinema, to your favorite restaurant, to a concert.

However, there are times when a girl herself does not want personal meetings. In such a situation, the best solution is not to call or email. Since from these methods it is so blowing with impersonality, cowardice and insensibility. It is best to write a real letter and deliver it with a courier and a bouquet of her favorite flowers. You can go even further and order an apology billboard by placing it next to her house. In fact, you just want to, and the best way to do this depends on the girl herself.

Situations when you definitely need to apologize to a girl

Below we look at various situations that require a mandatory apology. However, it is worth noting that not all women are ready to make concessions in the examples below, and forget the insult. However, you may well try to do your best to fix it.

Of course, you must understand that this is more than a serious reason for female resentment. In addition, note that not all women, however, like men, are ready to forget about this misconduct and continue the relationship. Words in this situation alone will not be enough, and most likely you will have to prove your fidelity for a long time to come. Often, women first forgive traitors, fearing to be alone, but over time they realize that trust is lost, and still leave.

If you have inflicted any insult on a woman, then, of course, you should apologize to her. It can be an insult by certain actions, or verbal insults. Surely, you yourself would not want to survive such a grudge, and you understand that in this situation you should definitely ask for forgiveness.

Alcohol destroyed many relationships and destroyed many couples who could live happily ever after. If your chosen one periodically has to endure your drunken tricks, then be prepared for the fact that these relationships are short-lived. It’s one thing if we are talking about a random incident, and quite another - if you regularly allow yourself to "sort out". In the first case, apologies can still play a positive role, but in the second case only a complete rejection of alcohol will help.

Pretty controversial case. Inattention on the part of lovers seriously injures many girls, but men do not always pay attention to this, letting the situation go by itself. Of course, most often they have a good reason for such behavior - employment at work, family problems or something else like that. And yet, for a girl, most often, this is not a consolation - she wants her chosen one to recall at least sometimes that he has a beloved woman in his life. In these cases, an apology “in words” will not be very appropriate - over time, this is already perceived as an excuse. Apologize differently - periodically still find time to please the girl with a bouquet of flowers, an invitation to a theater, movie or cafe, as well as small surprises.

We are talking about groundless jealousy. Some guys probably know that they are jealous. Some of them understand that the problem is not in the chosen one, but in themselves, but others are convinced that the beloved should accept this “feature” and adapt to it. If you still understand that sometimes you are jealous of a girl for no reason, then this circumstance necessarily requires an apology on your part.

A beautiful apology if you strongly offended or messed up

If you seriously offended your beloved, then, of course, you need to do everything possible so that she forgives you. Of course, it is worth starting with a sincere apology. Invite the girl to a meeting or fine-tune her, after which admit that you really regret your action and want to fix it. Then give the chosen one a large bouquet of her favorite flowers.

Particularly entrepreneurial guys can go even further. If a girl lives in a block of flats, ask her to look out the window. Your “apology” must be prepared in advance. In the evening, you can lay out the word “I'm sorry” with candles (letters should be clearly visible). If possible, “Sorry” can be made up of the car of your friends and acquaintances (for this you will have to connect a considerable number of people).

In addition, you can send a courier a bouquet of flowers and a large soft toy - for sure, the girl will be impressed. Be sure to attach a letter or note to the flowers in which you express your sincere apologies.

Write an apology letter in your own words in VK (in contact or other social networks)

There are times when the simple words “I'm sorry” may not be enough. Some situations require detailed explanations in order to resolve any misunderstandings. Tell the girl why you did it one way or another and what you think about the situation. If you understand that your act could offend the girl in some way, and just explaining it to her will not be enough, then, without fail, apologize to her.

Text sms asking for forgiveness and funny pictures

After a quarrel and misunderstanding with her lover, the girl usually hopes for an apology from him. She often glances at the screen of her phone, in anticipation that the offender will call or at least write something. The girl may not admit that she is waiting for words of forgiveness, but she really needs them. If you feel guilty, then be sure to apologize to your beloved, and you can do this through SMS. As you know, SMS does not imply long texts (for this it is better to use social networks), so limit yourself to a laconic phrase. Examples: “Forgive me, I was wrong! I love you very much and do not want to lose our relationship ”,“ You are very dear to me, forgive me! How can I make amends? ” By the way, the text can be accompanied by a funny picture. A good option would be the image of a cat from "Shrek" with his famous "teary" look.

Say "sorry" to touch to tears when you apologize

If you hope to touch your beloved to tears during the utterance of your apologies, you will have to try a lot. By the way, most likely, you will have to remember all the most significant moments for the period of your relationship. Of course, we are talking about pleasant moments, which include dating, the first kiss, marriage proposal and much more. Tell us what you felt in these seconds, and how would you not like to say goodbye to all this. Also ask the girl for a chance to fix everything, and let your love live on. However, if you sincerely apologize, and there will be tears in your eyes, then, for sure, this will touch your beloved. You can also tell the chosen one that a meeting with her is the most amazing thing that happened in your life, and you do not want to lose her.

You can originally ask for forgiveness from your beloved in poetry or prose

If you feel the creative potential in yourself, then you will be able to very originally apologize to your lover. To do this, write a poem about your feelings for the chosen one. It will be great if the rhymed lines contain the real facts from your relationship. You can also apologize in prose by setting out your love story. Of course, do not forget what the purpose of your creation is - it is important that she sees in your verse or prose an apology or repentance.

What is the best way to apologize to my wife for cheating or drinking

Such unreasonable acts as constant drinking or treason, extremely negatively affect family life. Even if the wife forgives you for something similar, harmony in the relationship will come far from immediately. Offended and offended by your actions, a woman will still remember what happened for some period. Even if she does not begin to tell you directly, the transferred disappointment, most likely, will still make itself felt. How can this be manifested? In general, a recent resentment can “pop up” again and again in various little things. A woman can become colder in her sex life or periodically express her irritation, seemingly from scratch. Although, of course, there are no rules without exceptions, and perhaps your chosen one will find the strength in herself to behave the same as before. However, women with such strong self-control are still in the minority. Be that as it may, forgiveness must still be achieved first.

There are many ways to apologize to your spouse, consider some of them. So, in addition to verbal apologies, you also need to be noted by some specious act.

Many women dream of breaking out of the cycle of everyday worries or simply diversifying their impressions with positive emotions that can give a fascinating journey. If you know that your wife likes trips to warm regions to the sea or to ancient cities with magnificent architecture, and you can find an opportunity to realize this desire, then be sure to use this. After your unseemly deeds, for sure, your spouse’s mood leaves much to be desired, and a trip to an interesting city will be able to change that. Of course, it’s better to take a joint tour. If you, even with the best of intentions, buy a ticket only to your wife or send her on a trip with your best friend, she may decide that you just decided to "get rid" of her, and at this time return to drinking or cheating (depending on what situation you happened).

It is possible that your spouse has long asked you about some business, but you only promised to fulfill it, and never reached the fulfillment of your words. Think well about what you recently or a little earlier spoke with your wife, and what she wanted. Cases may be different. Perhaps she wanted you to finally fix some thing, buy a dog, take the time and opportunity for a short trip or something like that. Surely, if the wife’s request is fulfilled, she will relent. However, note that this is a serious matter, and not about sharpening a kitchen knife.

If recently in your family life there was a place for cheating or drinking, then this clearly indicates that your wife had to be in a state of tension, and, surely, she suffered many disappointments. When marrying you, most likely, she hoped for a completely different life together, and now it is not easy for her to come to terms with the revealed reality. And yet, you have the opportunity to return at least some of the feelings that were at the dawn of your relationship. At any stage of the relationship, a woman needs a manifestation of romance on the part of the partner, and in your power to realize this desire. How to do it? You can quite start with cute little things - all the more, it is relevant, if there were none at all in your family life. Bring flowers to your beloved woman periodically. This does not have to go about luxurious bouquets of one hundred and one roses (although this should be spoiled by the wife at least occasionally). Surely, wild flowers, banal tulips, chrysanthemums will also please her - the main thing is to show her that you want to please her.

In addition, it does not hurt to periodically arrange romantic dinners - you can organize something similar at home on your own or invite your spouse to a cozy restaurant. In general, if you have such a desire, you will certainly find a way to please your wife with romantic surprises.

Ways to earn trust and beg forgiveness

When the situation is such that a man has to earn the trust of his beloved woman, we can conclude that for some reason this trust was lost. It is necessary to build on precisely the case that spoiled your relationship with the chosen one. Итак, рассмотрим самые распространенные варианты.

Во многих парах теряется доверие после измены одного из партнеров. If you want to prove to your beloved that for you there are no other women other than herself, you have to show it in practice. First of all, you need to interrupt any contacts with the object of treason. If you started an intimate relationship with an employee, it is possible that you can restore confidence in the family only if you change your job. In general, the beloved must be sure that you do not intersect with your former mistress, and this is a natural desire.

Perhaps flirtation by correspondence has become a problem in the relationship? Then you should show the girl that you are no longer doing this and do not strive for virtual romance. Remove from your contacts all the persons who, in the opinion of the chosen one, can do some harm to your relationship. Many men are reluctant to take such a step, and women regard this very negatively. However, since the situation has reached the point that you still need to gain confidence, then you have no other choice. At the same time, try not to spend much time on social networks - this can cause a girl to suspect.

Of course, such an infringement of the freedom of choice will seem humiliating to most men, and in the usual situation, when there is no real reason for jealousy, it is. However, if you were caught in betrayal, and you yourself understand this, now, in order to maintain relations, you still have to make sacrifices.

If your beloved happened to witness your drunkards some time ago, then your situation is unenviable. Surely, during this time she managed to seriously become disappointed, and you have to earn trust, so that the relationship is back on track. By the way, we can talk not only about drinking, but also drugs. In general, the impressions of life with a dependent person in women are usually similar. In any case, most likely, your companion in such a situation had to face lack of money and inappropriate or unpredictable behavior on your part. To again earn the trust of a lover, these factors must be excluded.

Let her know that bad habits are over, and make your own efforts to make this true. There can be no talk of “another” or “last” time. A woman should see that past hobbies cause you to be rejected, and not that you can hardly control yourself and only dream about the possibility of “tasting the forbidden fruit” again.

In addition, during the drunken period, the quality of your life together has probably worsened. Most likely, you spent a considerable amount on alcohol, and it is possible that there was not enough money for a family or (if you are not married yet) for a full-fledged relationship. Show your beloved that she was not mistaken by forgiving you, and now your life will be much better. Give her small and big gifts, invest in a joint life. If a woman sees that you have redefined your values, then she will begin to trust you.

What to give the girl as a sign of reconciliation, so that she forgiven for sure

Of course, it is no secret that many girls like to receive gifts, and if you want to present your chosen one an interesting surprise as a sign of reconciliation, then approach this with all responsibility. There are times when you can restrict yourself to just a bunch of flowers, most often the situation requires a more thorough approach.

So, what a gift can please your girlfriend

SPA treatments. If your lover likes various procedures for the body and face, then a visit to the spa will be a good surprise for her. You can give her a gift certificate, or pay in advance for some procedures, if you know exactly what your girlfriend will like. By the way, we can talk not only about SPA, but also about some hairdressing services and the like.

Tickets for the premiere or concert. It is possible that your girlfriend will be delighted with tickets to any premiere in a movie or theater or to a concert of some musical group. However, it can even be a circus! Think about what your darling would like and buy tickets in accordance with her preferences.

Journey. A trip to another city or country can be a truly amazing and welcome gift for your sweetheart. However, a joint trip, for sure, will not only please your chosen one, but also significantly improve the relationship between you. Of course, the main thing is to choose a city that your favorite will definitely enjoy. Most likely, you already know what kind of rest she likes - active or passive. Ponder what she would like more - sunbathing on the beach by the sea, excursions along the old streets, a ski resort or something else. If you choose a trip in accordance with the preferences of your sweetheart, then this will most favorably affect your relationship.

The dress. Here is such a banal gift that can significantly raise the mood of most girls. You can simply invite your sweetheart to shop at her favorite store and make a pleasant purchase for her.

Romantic dinner. It’s not just about eating pizza together in a cafe where you have been together more than once. Choose a cozy restaurant in which you have been rarely or not yet familiar to you. Pre-read the reviews about the institution to make sure that the romantic dinner will go as it should. By the way, dinner can be organized on your own. It can be a candlelit meal in your home or a romantic picnic in some picturesque place with light snacks and delicious wine.

Photo album. If your beloved can be considered romantic, then most likely a photo album with joint pictures will be a pleasant surprise for her - especially if you do not have one yet. Buy a beautiful album and put your pictures in it - from the beginning of your relationship to the present day. Of course, this is true if you have a sufficient number of photos.

Pet If a girl has long dreamed of a kitten or puppy, and you know for sure that she has opportunities for keeping an animal, then such a gift will certainly cause her great delight.

Jewelry. Does your girlfriend like jewelry? In this case, a ring, earrings or a bracelet donated as a sign of reconciliation will be a very appropriate surprise. You can choose not one jewelry, but a beautiful set. However, if you are not sure that your sweetheart likes such gifts, then it is better to opt for something else.

Revelation with yourself

Before you try to "take the fortress by storm", you should think about whether this girl is really so expensive. After all, if a person is loved, they are afraid to offend him, being sober and drunk, and in a state of great depression. Maybe just a wounded male pride suggests that being abandoned by a woman is humiliation? Shame on your friends? May it not be so. Otherwise, it is better to leave the girl alone and not ruin her life.

Love? Real and sincere? Just as they say, a demon beguiled? Then all the tricks and advice on winning back the previous positions are given below.

Basics - Conversation

Most domestic grievances and even issues related to betrayal are sometimes resolved by an open constructive dialogue. It is necessary to bring resentful to a conversation. No reproaches. It is necessary to explain the reason that prompted a bad deed in an elementary and accessible way. A girl may begin to insult, but you should not react to it. She just expresses her negative emotions. It becomes easier for her.

If a man’s misconduct is serious (hit, cheated), then you can’t make any attempts to justify yourself - your beloved will not forgive. Agree with everything, admit guilt and swear not to repeat such things in the future. Many are advised to kneel. Do not do this. In the future, the girl will not respect this man. In her eyes he will be a "rag." Better to let her slap herself.

Empty-handedly coming for forgiveness is like trying to eat in a restaurant for free. Confessions of guilt and exhortations of exemplary behavior in the future are best supported by material values. So the woman is arranged - the man’s word is respected in conjunction with some useful little thing.

Flowers, cake, perfume, movie tickets - this is a set for "bribing" after small "shoals". Major tricks like cheating or drunken cheating for a week, it is not clear where and with whom - this is another monetary equivalent. Cynically? Yes, it is quite. And where were the high moral and spiritual values ​​of the offender when he committed the ugly deeds? No answer. This is the end of the condemnation of female claims to normal presentations. So a song about the girl’s best friends with the group “VIA Gra” can tell you which store to keep on track.

Although there are proud ladies who will not even be forgiven for five mink coats, a dozen diamonds and a trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

Help from relatives and friends

You can ask your friends whom your beloved knows to write her an SMS like: “Forgive Andryukha, he loves you and suffers a lot. Give him one more chance. We vouch for him. ”

Lucky one who managed to establish good contact:

  • with my beloved mom
  • with her girlfriends
  • with her dad or brother.

Although the third option is inherently doubtful, since what a girl’s mother will forgive will never be understood by a male representative from her family. And if it comes to physical resentment of a daughter or sister - this is enmity for the rest of his life.

Again, if a quarrel over trifles, then the mother or close friends can influence the decision of the beloved. You can try to persuade them to help. With slight resentment without stopping cohabitation or regular meetings, an excellent option would be to maximize help to her relatives. Mom pick up from work? So pick it up. Take the little brother to the garden? OK no problem. Is it hard for dad to dig up a garden alone? Well, you’ll have to breathe fresh air next weekend, postponing the next viewing of a football match.

Most likely, it is at this stage that most of the heroes drop out by themselves from the race for the girl’s location. They cannot survive this. To buy a gold ring or to arrive home on time is still no matter where, and here the access to oxygen is completely blocked.

Domestic help

For those who, after the previous advice, did not give up the idea of ​​returning their beloved, this one can also be useful.

Most quarrels arise due to the division of household responsibilities. The guy will not get tired very much if he promises the girl to take out the trash daily, vacuum it twice a week, and wash dishes at least on weekends. She will appreciate such heroism, especially with the unexpected offer of the offender himself to do all this.

Attention and attention again

How little a woman needs to be happy! Just something - dear close by. Men have enough time for everything - mom, car, friends, the neighbor’s garage dripped, uncle punched a wheel on the side of the road, grandmother asked me to fix the doorbell and so on. And the girl is waiting for her beloved home alone. And he is still surprised at the insults.

You need to spend more time with your soul mate, surround her with care, often compliment and be interested in mood, well-being, desires. The neighboring garage will wait. In the end, this is the problem of the neighbor himself. But the girl is better to bring to the cinema or watch a movie at home, in the morning bring her breakfast to bed and wake up with kisses. You can treat a dear person.

If the quarrel is petty, ordinary, well, they had a fight in the evening, word for word, and in the morning I don’t even want to remember the incident, and he thinks how to make the girl forgive, then a romantic evening will help.

A man brings in perfect order at home - such that "the mosquito of the nose does not undermine." Champagne and candles, goodies that the girl loves, flowers, a small gift plus massage - and that's all, the insult is forgotten. It is this kind of male behavior that is sometimes lacking for insulted ladies. An unexpected trip to the cinema or a trip to a sleeping city will also have a beneficial effect on the girl’s decision to forgive the guilty.

Postal parcels

When a girl does not even want to talk and rejects all the gifts, you can pour out the soul on a piece of paper and attach a gift to it. Sent by mail. Resourcefulness will be appreciated. Plus the karma of the guilty will be counted.

Courier delivery is also an option. To work, home, to the cottage - anywhere and whatever, the guys from this service will be brought to the appointed hour. You can order flowers for her mother and write a note asking her to influence her daughter. Do not forget about focusing on mother's merits - she raised a wonderful daughter, without whom the life of the sufferer is unthinkable, and so on. "Almost" mother-in-law will become flattering. Even if she does not persuade her daughter to reconciliation, then in her heart the mood will change to a more peaceful one.

Pressure for pity

In the absence of the effect of the previous tips, the salvation may be a technique called "put pressure on pity." When a man openly manifests immense despair or courage bordering on recklessness, then this will touch the female heart. For some reason, the ladies are not able to see the stronger sex in a miserable position, therefore, even at the expense of themselves they forgive traitors, parasites and rowdy people.

You can stand all night under her windows in the cold autumn or tell through friends that for her sake he leaves his beloved work. Knowing the weaknesses of women, it is quite possible to arouse self-pity.

Another great option is to buy a good gift, come to the girl and give with the words that no one will bother her with their presence anymore. To the present you can add a tearful letter in the form of emotional outpourings. As soon as all this is handed over to the beloved’s hands, one must leave silently. If she listens to the radio, a compassionate song is ordered. Then the expectation of the result begins. In most cases, the girl forgives and calls herself. Girlfriends and relatives will also touch out loud for such a sensitive and sensual man, so the chances of winning the battle increase.

But it is worth considering what all these tricks and ordeals are for. Why first offend a dear person, and then beg for forgiveness? It’s better that these tips will remain tips and are implemented as rarely as possible. Let men appreciate the girls who are near them and protect their peace of mind. And friends, bars, strange women - all this will become unimportant in 20 or 30 years. You need to know the price for those who give sincerity, warmth and care.