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How to use an ear thermometer


For normal functioning, a person must have a body temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius. Under such conditions, the body develops fully, and the person feels comfortable. Therefore, it is extremely important to constantly monitor the temperature of your body.

At the moment, there are a large number of special devices - thermometers. They are specifically designed to measure body temperature in an animal or human. But it is one thing to measure the temperature in an adult, and quite another in children. After all, they constantly strive to overturn something, which entails inaccuracy of indicators or damage to the device. For such cases, there is a special infrared thermometer.

Infrared thermometer - principle of operation

An infrared thermometer is a device that allows you to measure the temperature of an object without contact with it. The principle of operation of this device is quite simple: since the human body constantly emits thermal energy, the device is calibrated to its standard temperature (that is, the temperature 36.6 on the device is considered ideal and equal to zero). The laser beam that comes out of the device captures any changes in this indicator, thereby allowing you to display the finished measurement results.

At its core, it is a non-contact thermometer that captures changes in body temperature using a laser beam and some laws of physics. Here you do not need to constantly monitor that the child does not spoil it. It is enough to point the laser point at a part of the body (most often it is the forehead), press the button, and then get the finished measurement results.

For most models of such devices to work, just insert the batteries. In more expensive models, it is possible to charge from the network.

Accuracy of measurements

Each device has its own errors. Infrared thermometers are no exception.

Here, this value primarily depends on several factors:

  • ambient temperature
  • human position
  • instrument quality
  • battery level, etc.

In the aggregate of these factors, the error of the thermometer does not exceed 0.4 degrees Celsius. Of course, most contact devices, this figure is much smaller, but their operation process may not entirely meet the needs of the person.

To reduce the error, it is enough only to follow the rules of measurement, as well as use a high-quality device. In other cases, this can lead to poor quality measurements of body temperature.

Types of infrared thermometers

In pharmacies and online stores you can meet with a huge variety of types of such devices. At first glance, they differ only in their color and shape. But in fact, an infrared thermometer is produced in several forms.

These devices differ in the type of measurement - non-contact, ear and frontal. As you can guess from the names of these types, they make measurements in their own fields.

Need to know! Depending on the type of appliance. Measurements should only be made in the area in which the manufacturer recommends. This is due to the fact that most areas of the human body emit a different amount of heat and the device is calibrated specifically for its own.

In order to better understand their differences, you need to consider each of the species in more detail.

These devices differ from others in that they must be placed directly in the ear of a person to measure. They are not completely contactless, since some contact with the human body is still present. But the principle of the device is still based on infrared measurement.

The main disadvantage is its injury hazard when measured in children. If the measurement is, for example, in a newborn girl, then with careless handling, you can easily injure her auditory opening.

This type of instrument measures body temperature when pointing to a person’s forehead. This is a fairly safe device that does not need to lean against the human body.

Such thermometers are distinguished by their wide functionality, ease of operation, as well as their compactness.


These devices are really the best and most reliable. They can be used in any conditions and measure absolutely any part of the body. It is enough to point at the site, and after a second the result will be displayed.

It can be used not only for people, but also for other objects. It is only necessary to calibrate correctly.

How to choose a reliable infrared thermometer

The most important condition for the success of the thermometer is its quality. To do this, you must still in the store decide on the choice of a reliable device.

To choose a reliable infrared thermometer, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. You need to purchase goods only in trusted stores. This is the most important rule, compliance with which will save not only money, but also time.

Often, such devices can be found on the counter of a pharmacy or in an electrical appliance store.

  1. When choosing, it is very important to look at the quality of the device. If there are cracks, then it is better to avoid such a purchase.
  2. As for the type of thermometer, here you should focus more on your own preferences. And most importantly - do not save! Most cheap products give a very large error, or even refuse to work at all.
  3. It is also necessary to pay special attention to the type of food. The best option are those that have a built-in battery. This is due to the fact that they give out the greatest voltage, which qualitatively affects the readings.
  4. Before buying, be sure to consult about the features of the device. This will not overpay for extra features.

If you follow these rules, you can purchase a really high-quality electronic thermometer. But if you neglect them, you can buy a dummy by spending your money.

In WELL WF-1000

An ear thermometer that provides very high-quality readings. According to the manufacturer, the error of the device ranges from 0.1-0.3 degrees, depending on the conditions. A very simple and compact device that everyone will like.

To measure the temperature, just place it in the auricle for a few millimeters. The measurement time is 1-2 seconds. During this time, the child does not even have time to understand what happened.

There is only one button on the case. This is very convenient, because you do not have to look for the right button to configure a particular function.

This device has the ability to measure water and ambient temperature. Thus, it is possible to better control the living conditions of the child.

Sensitec NF 3101

One of the most popular models of non-contact infrared thermometers. This device is characterized by high quality indicators. According to manufacturers, the error here does not exceed a figure of 0.2 degrees.

Depending on the needs, they can measure not only the body temperature of people, but also other objects. Measurement is carried out by aiming the beam at the object. The result can be obtained in a split second.

The device is equipped with convenient control buttons, a built-in speaker. Which will notify of the successful procedure for measuring temperature, as well as a bright and wide display, on which all indications are painted in great detail.

A very organic design, coupled with quality workmanship, will entice the child so much that he certainly will not resist the already short procedure. It is also very easy to fit it in any woman’s bag, which will allow you to take it on the road when circumstances so require.


The model is a good example of a combination of a functional device with a low cost. The device allows you to measure the temperature by bringing it to the frontal part. The distance should be no more than 5 cm.

The thermometer works from 2 finger batteries, while showing fairly good measurement results. A distinctive feature of the device is the memory function of the last 30 measurements. Thus, you can schedule the course of the disease without unnecessary accessories.

During the measurement, the device is able to notify the occurrence of fever due to exceeding a certain temperature reading. It can also be used as a device for measuring water and air.

Testo 830-T2

This is a powerful and versatile infrared thermometer. Which can be used in absolutely any area of ​​life. All this thanks to the dual-point laser system.

The device is capable of taking measurements at a distance of up to 50 cm! while the mass is only 200 grams. The measuring range ranges from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Data acquisition speed is less than a second. It sits perfectly in the hand, not causing discomfort during operation.

User's manual

It is not difficult to make measurements with such a device. After all, all that is needed is to carefully read the operating instructions.

Measurement should take place in the following order:

  1. Before using the device, turn it on and check the battery level. It must be within acceptable limits.
  2. Then select the desired operating mode.
  3. Depending on the device, all protective caps must be removed.
  4. In the case of an ear or frontal device. It is necessary to attach it to the necessary part of the body. After a beep, you can complete the measurement and see the result on the device screen.
  5. If a non-contact thermometer is used, then it is necessary to direct the laser beam to any part of the body (preferably the head and torso), hold it for 1-2 seconds and see the result.
  6. Turn off the device.

After the measurement process is complete, a second check can be made. This eliminates high error rates.

For hygiene reasons, it is recommended to wipe the device with alcohol or special antibacterial wipes. This is necessary in order to exclude infection of other family members during temperature measurement.

Pros and cons of operating an infrared thermometer

To understand whether this device is needed and whether to purchase it, it is necessary to determine all the advantages and disadvantages of the device.

  • Easy to operate. Absolutely everyone will cope with this device, including children.
  • Completely safe in relation to people and the environment. They can be disposed of as ordinary household waste without the time of the ecosystem.
  • Instant measurement result. For this, you do not even need to wake up the child, because most models do not require any contact.
  • Applicable in absolutely any conditions. Depending on the model, you can get pretty high-quality readings even on the street.

  • Relatively high error. If the most accurate readings are required, the device will not help.
  • If the device is frontal or ear, then it is not suitable for measurement in other parts of the body.
  • Pretty high price. If the price of mercury thermometers is not more than a couple of hundred rubles, then here it can be several thousand.
  • If the human body has experienced extremes of temperature, the device will not be able to give accurate readings. Have to wait a while.

Most of the disadvantages can be avoided by using the device correctly. But some are their integral part (for example, high error). Therefore, it is worth considering these factors when buying a device for personal use.


A non-contact thermometer is a very useful device for both children and adults. You just need to choose a good children's thermometer and use it correctly.

Thanks to these devices, temperature measurement will no longer cause a huge amount of negative emotions, but will become a normal painless procedure. Children will be calm, and parents will be happy.