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Types of coffee in Starbucks: recipes, calories, how to make


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Have you ever dreamed of making the same delicious coffee that Starbucks serves? To do this, you will need only some of the ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen. Just follow the instructions below, and it will seem to you as if you had personally visited the haven of a green siren.

How much coffee costs in Starbucks: price per serving

The table shows the cost of a permanent menu of Starbucks drinks.

Table 1.1 - the Cost of drinks in Starbucks

Solo, rub.Doppio, rub.
Espresso con panna145160
Espresso macchiato145160

Table 1.2 - the Price of drinks in Starbucks

Toll, rub.Grande, rub.Venti, rub.
Latte Macchiato265280305
Caramel macchiato310330355
Flat white280
Pur Over185195210
Freshly brewed170180200
French press410
Classic Frappuccino305320350
Caramel Frappuccino330350380
Mocha Frappuccino320340370
Chocolate Java Frappuccino330350380
Espresso Frappuccino310330355

You can also add different ingredients to each drink. Their cost and types in the table below.

Table 2 - the cost of the ingredients for coffee

Seasonal Grain20 rubles
Additional shot40 rubles
Soy milkCoconut milk
Lactose-free milk
Vanilla syrupCaramel syrup
Peppermint syrup
Syrup Irish Cream
Raspberry syrup
Almond syrup
Coconut Syrup
Walnut syrup

Hot drinks based on espresso: proportions

Most of the coffee drinks in Starbucks are prepared using a coffee machine based on ground dark roasted coffee beans Espresso Roast. Also in any coffee shop there is the opportunity to order your favorite coffee drink, which is prepared using a seasonal variety of coffee and even without caffeine - based on Decaf Espresso Roast beans.

Espresso con panna

This type of coffee is also called Viennese coffee. It contains one or two shots of espresso and whipped cream. Volume - 29 ml / 52 ml.

Each of the following drinks is prepared in one of three volumes: toll (355 ml), grande (473 ml) and vent (592 ml of pure happiness for a true coffee connoisseur). You can also try any of these drinks in the cold version.

A drink that is prepared on the basis of 2/3/4 shots of espresso (depending on volume) with the addition of hot water.

A well-known drink, the recipe of which is almost the same in all coffee houses. 1 shot of espresso for toll volume and 2 for grande and vent, aerated milk and foam in a ratio of 50/50.

Also a fairly common coffee drink. It differs from cappuccino only in the ratio of foam to milk: in latte, 90 percent of milk accounts for 10 percent of the foam.

Latte Macchiato

It is made from the same ingredients as regular latte, with one exception: first, milk is frothed and shots of espresso are already poured into it. Due to this, espresso is evenly distributed and the taste becomes softer.

Starbucks is one of the most delicious and high-calorie hot drinks due to the presence of chocolate and whipped cream. The rest of the recipe, as in latte, is foam and milk in a ratio of 90/10 and 1/2/2 shots of espresso.

Caramel macchiato

A very popular drink among Starbucks guests, besides it is very sweet and tasty. It is prepared in the same way as Latte Macchiato, but with the addition of vanilla syrup and a caramel pattern.

The recipe for this drink is similar to the latte recipe. It is prepared only in the volume of toll to maintain the desired ratio of milk to coffee. It includes 2 shots of espresso (instead of one in latte) and aerated milk. At Starbucks, this Flat White is traditionally served with summer art. Volume - 354 ml.

Traditional coffee drinks: recipes

In addition to espresso-based drinks, three types of black coffee are prepared in Starbucks coffee shops: Pur Over, Freshly brewed coffee and French Press.

Preparing this type of coffee drink is not easy: boiling water is poured over a paper filter with ground coffee for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes it is simply called "filter coffee."

Frappuccino - coffee-based cold drinks

The menu of cold drinks at Starbucks is not inferior in variety to the hot bar: cold variations of Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mokka and Latte / Caramel Macchiato, as well as ice-based drinks - Frappuccino, which were so fond of regular guests for their original taste and pleasant appearance . All of them, except Espresso Frappuccino, are prepared on the basis of specially prepared coffee syrup. The volumes of cold drinks do not differ from the volumes of hot drinks.

Calorie Coffee in Starbucks

The table below shows the caloric content of the entire Starbucks drinks menu in the classic recipe. It is worth noting that any Frappuccino can be prepared in a lighter version with 0.5 fat milk.

Table 3 - Calorie drinks Starbucks

Name of drinkEnergy value per 100 ml, kcal
Espresso macchiato17,1
Espresso con panna151,7
Caramel macchiato45,9
Latte Macchiato27,6
Flat white20,8
Pur Over1,7
Freshly brewed2,0
French press1,8
Classic Frappuccino34,6
Caramel Frappuccino72,7
Mocha Frappuccino71,5
Chocolate Java Frappuccino83,9
Espresso Frappuccino33,8

Contraindications and recommendations

You may decide that if you are allergic to milk or caffeine, you won’t be able to try coffee at Starbucks. But this is the wrong conclusion. Starbucks prepares drinks for different people, including allergy sufferers. You can replace regular milk of 1.5% fat with 0.5% fat, soy, lactose-free or coconut milk. Also, any espresso-based drink can be made from decaffeinated grains - decaf. Do not forget that even decaf grains contain a small amount of caffeine, therefore, people with hypertension and any other serious cardiovascular diseases, coffee is contraindicated even in this form. It is important to note that excessive consumption of coffee can cause insomnia.

As for the recommendations for drinking coffee at Starbucks (applies to any coffee-based drinks): coffee is a medicinal drink for people with hypotension - lowered cardiovascular pressure, coffee drinks reduce migraine pain, stimulate lung function and improve appetite. There is no need to talk about the tonic properties of coffee, as well as the fact that it increases working capacity.

How to make Starbucks coffee at home

If you want to make one of the hot drinks based on espresso, then you need an espresso machine. If you don’t have an espresso machine, then instead of espresso you can make black coffee by brewing it in a Turk or using a French press. The most important thing is to observe the proportion of black coffee and milk, based on the recipe for the drinks indicated above. You can just warm up your coffee and get hot coffee with milk, but to make coffee like in Starbucks you need to beat it with a cappuccino machine or use a coffee machine.

What is the most delicious coffee in Starbucks?

Among the hot drinks with milk, the sweetest names are the most popular: Caramel Macchiato and Mokka. Fans of hot black coffee usually choose Americano. Freshly brewed coffee is also very popular, unlike Pur Overa, although it is a milder analogue of freshly brewed coffee and, accordingly, tastes better.

Among the cold drinks based on espresso, the most delicious drink is again considered Caramel Macchiato. And people who want to freshen up, but do not like sweet coffee or coffee with milk, usually ask to make cold Americano.

Among the coffee-based frappuccino it is difficult to choose the most delicious. But still, the most popular is Caramel Frappuccino. Chocolate Java Frappuccino is undeservedly one of the most unpopular, although it has a great taste due to its constituent chocolate and chocolate chips.

How to Cook Frappuccino

If you want to make Frappuccino at home, you will need black coffee or espresso, milk, sugar, ice and syrup to taste. In addition, you can add cookies or chocolate.

Recipe for making Classic Frappuccino:

  1. Mix chilled coffee, milk and sugar in a blender and beat the mixture. To get a more delicate drink, you need to add ice cream.
  2. Pour ice into a blender and finely crush it.
  3. Add syrup and, if desired, chocolate or cookies.
  4. Pour into a glass and serve, garnished with whipped cream and syrup, cinnamon or ground nuts.

At home, you can cook not only Classic Frappuccino with various serving options, but also Caramel or Mokka Frappuccino. To do this, before adding ice, mix the desired syrup with a mixture of Classic Frappuccino ingredients. If you want to make Espresso Frappuccino, use espresso instead of black coffee. Whipped cream is not added to this drink to preserve the taste of espresso.

It is not recommended to drink Frappuccino more than once a day. It is better to use it in between meals and not drink it at night or late in the evening.