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Hello dear visitors of our site. We look forward to your visit. Our story today will be devoted to the specifics of transporting live animals to the United Kingdom, namely four “historical provinces” - England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. To begin with, let's announce the list of documents that the United Kingdom requires for the import of dogs and cats, and later dwell on those points that require additional explanation. So, in order:

1. In order to be able to transport your dog or cat to the UK, your pet must be at least 4 months old and, as a result, vaccinated against diseases, with an incubation period over. At least that is how the situation in all documents should mean. We believe that you were able to catch the difference in what was said.

Animals under the specified age are not allowed for entry into the United Kingdom.

2. The transport of cats and dogs to the UK implies that the animal has the basic necessary veterinary documents, such as:

a) A veterinary passport in which the animal appears at least 4 months from birth, as well as in the passport are marked with vaccinations against rabies and viral diseases (plague + enteritis + leptospirosis) 30 days ago. Also, processing from fleas and worms is affixed, no later than 3 days before the date of sending the animal to the UK.

b) The second document required for the transport of dogs and cats to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales is a veterinary certificate in form No. 1, received at the state veterinary clinic no earlier than 5 days before the date of departure. Later, already at the airport, when passing veterinary control, this document is changed to an international veterinary certificate in the form of No. 5a + Euro-certificate.

c) Since the rules for the import of dogs and cats into the UK prohibit the import of animals into the country accompanied by a person (when imported by plane), and all delivery must be carried out by CARGO (unaccompanied), you need to get permission to leave RosSelHozNadzor. This permission is always necessary, and not only when transporting cats and dogs to the UK, but also to any other country when animals are delivered by CARGO.

d) Well, the last thing animals should have when moving to the United Kingdom is the presence of chipping, which was done earlier than the date of vaccination against rabies or on the same day. This requirement is mandatory. If your animal does not have this condition, then this is certainly not such an insoluble problem, and yet there are ways to solve it.

Features of the delivery of dogs and cats to the UK

After reading the requirements described above, we can assume that everything is not so difficult for the import of animals into England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. But, dear reader, the United Kingdom would not have been by itself if it hadn’t come up with something like that to complicate the lives of all those who count on its hospitality.

1. The bottom line is that when importing animals from other countries (except the Eurozone countries) according to the CARGO system, an individual cannot act as a meeting person. Moreover, not only a legal entity should act as a meeting person, but a freight broker accredited for meeting animals. It is easy to guess that the services of a freight broker are also far from free, as, indeed, much in this country.

No, we do not assert of course that this circumstance makes it impossible to deliver live animals to the UK, but we are talking about this fact only so that you, dear reader, have an idea of ​​the upcoming financial costs.

2. There is another aspect on which we would like to focus your attention. Until recently, the UK demanded that the imported animal carry evidence of a test for the presence of antibodies to the rabies virus in its blood. But, to our joy, this requirement has recently been canceled. At least, this is the situation at the time of writing, namely 10/10/2016. Hopefully this is not a temporary relief from the United Kingdom.

3. Well, the last thing left, on which, probably, we should focus your attention so that you have a complete picture of the situation. Upon arrival, when your pet has already flown to the UK through the CARGO system, the process of its registration is ahead. It will be necessary to go through veterinary control and, where, without it, customs. Here, it will not be superfluous for you to know that the customs authority is trying to import any unaccompanied cargo, classify it as a commercial cargo and, of course, levy customs duties to the maximum. They argue simply - if he sends and meets different people, then the sent cargo arrived for the purpose of commerce (sale - purchase or breeding). True, in fairness, I must add that this is not only a "chip" in the UK, but also in several other European states.

Dear customers, if you have any incomprehensible questions from the above story, or if you need our help, you can contact us using the coordinates provided on the CONTACTS page


In addition to writing to Animals Travel, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for importing animals into London, the UK and the European Union in general - it will come in handy.

In order to transport animals to London (and to Europe in general), you will need a European veterinary passport. Treatment for helminths, vaccination indications and much more - all these data are in the veterinary passport. This document is issued for the entire life span of the animal. You must make sure that your pet has a European veterinary passport.

You should also know if you are transporting animals to London from Russia for an exhibition, or any other similar event - one person can transport no more than five animals at a time. This restriction applies only to those who do not have an invitation document to the exhibition or any other event. If you have a supporting document that you are going to the exhibition, transporting animals to London (and Europe in general) will be much easier in terms of the number of animals transported.

The requirements for transporting animals to Europe include mandatory chipping, which must be done before vaccination! At the airport, before passing customs, the pet's veterinary certificate is exchanged for an international certificate. Make sure all necessary documents are in English.

These are the main nuances of transporting pets from Russia to London, or any other European city, which should be considered.


Our company Travel Animals has been transporting pets for many years. It doesn’t matter in which city of Russia you live and from which city you need to transport your pet to London, to Europe.

Based on your financial condition, we will organize the most rational route for delivering the animal. Transportation of animals to London will be as comfortable as possible, we guarantee this!

Also, our company is engaged in the preparation of all necessary documents, chipping, vet. inspections and all other procedures that facilitate the unhindered movement of your animal across the European border.

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