Useful Tips

Create folders on iPad


Press and hold the program icon on the screen until it starts to tremble.

Now the program can be moved to another location (including the Dock at the bottom of the screen).

On iPhone X or later, click Finish to save your changes. On iPhone 8 or earlier, click the Home button.

When pressed with force, instead of the jitter effect, the quick menu for the selected program may appear. Click outside of this list, then try again by clicking with less effort.

How to do it on a tablet

Given that the technique is somewhat different from the usual technology, the question for many remains open. For those who are interested in how to quickly create a folder on the iPad, two popular methods come in handy:

  • using the iTunes app,
  • directly on the device.

If you need to structure all applications into a catalog, it is better to use iTunes, which is universal for Apple devices. Using this utility to shape the structure of programs in iOS is much easier. So, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. We connect the gadget to the PC.
  2. Click on the gadget icon.
  3. We go to the "Programs" section.
  4. Double-click on the necessary page - it should open in a larger size.
  5. Move the desired icon to a specific folder.
  6. "Done."
  7. Disconnect the device from the PC.

Directly on the tablet

This procedure does not take much time, besides it does not require special skills. The steps for creating a new folder will be as follows:

  1. Hold your finger on any icon until it starts to tremble.
  2. We cling to the desired icon and move it to another, with which we want to combine in a shared folder. A new directory is immediately created.
  3. The system usually selects the name in automatic mode, but renaming it is very easy: click on the name and an empty field appears in which we enter the name of the folder at our discretion.

Copy to iPad

There are times when you need to move entire folders from a PC to a tablet. In this case, the "Shared Files" option is useful. It is important that the device meets the following requirements:

  • Updated version of iTunes
  • the latest version of the OS on apple PCs, the updated OS Windows 7 or later,
  • The latest version of iOS on your tablet
  • "Apple" OS on the device, which has support for the "General Files" function.

To begin with, you should check the application support in iOS for the option of sharing data on a PC, for this:

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. We connect the gadget to the computer.
  3. Click on the tablet icon.
  4. On the left side of the screen, click "Programs."
  5. Scroll down to the item "General Files".
  6. We stop the choice on the necessary program.

It happens that the item "Shared files" is not in the application. This means that there are no installed utilities on the device that support this option.

After the owner of the "apple" tablet is convinced of the availability of the sharing function, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. We go to the "General Files" section in iTunes and select the utility from the list.
  2. To copy information to a gadget, move it from a folder or window to the list of files.
  3. Click “Add” to find the necessary documents on the PC, and then click “Add”.
  4. We mark the documents - only those that can work with the application (you can find out the appropriate file types in the "User Guide"),

Create and transfer image files

If you don’t know how to transfer or create a folder with images to your iPad from your computer, use the following recommendations:

  1. First, on the PC hard drive, create a folder with the necessary images that must be copied to the gadget.
  2. Launch iTunes.
  3. We connect the device to the PC.
  4. Click on the device icon.
  5. Go to the "Photos" section.
  6. In the drop-down list, select the folder with the photo on the PC.
  7. We put a tick on "Synchronize."

Transfer programs to a folder

If there are many programs, you can put them in folders.

To create a folder, drag one program onto another.

To rename a folder, click the folder name field or icon, and then enter a new name.

You can drag and drop programs into the created folder. One folder can have several pages.

Transfer a program to another page

At first, only one page of programs is presented on the device. To create a new page, drag a program to the right edge of the screen. After about a second, a new page will appear. To delete a page, collect all the programs on another Home screen. If there are no programs, the page will be deleted.

If multiple pages have already been created on the device, a bright dot in the row of dots above the Dock will indicate which page you are currently on. You can move the program to another page or create new pages.

If there are other points to the left or right of the bright dot, you can drag the program to the right of the screen to move it to the next page in the corresponding direction. Or swipe left to see the programs on this page.

If there are no other points to the right of the bright dot, then dragging the program to this part of the screen will create a new page.

Create a folder

Getting to the creation. Perform all the operations that I described below in this text:

  • First, you’ll have to perform the most difficult action - turn on your Apple device (iPad or iPhone),
  • Touch the icon (any) on your gadget desktop, do not release your finger until the icons start to swing in different directions,

  • Select one icon and transfer it to another. Just take and carry
  • After the above steps, you should see a folder that you just could create, with two icons inside: the icon that you selected and transferred and the icon to which you transferred the selected icon,

  • Now you can rename the folder as you wish. To do this, click on the name of the folder and rename it, everything is very simple here.
  • That's all for today. Now you know how to create a folder on your iPhone or iPad. Agree, this is not so difficult. Do not forget to comment on the article, I will be grateful.

    How to create a folder on the iPad?

    First you should know that iOS uses a slightly different technology than, for example, Windows. A folder is created there and only then files are transferred there. On the iPad, everything is different: a folder is essentially a combination of programs, so to create a folder you have to find two programs that you want to combine.

    Unfortunately, you cannot create subfolders (i.e. subfolders). In the folder, you can combine no more than 20 applications in iOS 6 (in iOS 7 the restriction is removed)

    Hold your finger for a few seconds on any icon - the icons will begin to tremble. This is how we began to remove applications from the iPad.

    Take one of the necessary icons with your finger and drag it to the other.

    The system itself will suggest the name of the new folder if it finds any connection between the applications:

    But you can also rename the folder as you like:

    Too long a name on the desktop will be clipped and will not look so presentable. Choose short and clear names for your folders.

    In iOS 7, the limit of 20 programs inside a folder is removed by paginating inside the folder. Opening the folder, we see 9 applications ... To see the rest of the applications, scroll left and right with the swipe.

    How to delete a folder on iPad?

    Deleting a folder on an iPad is not a good definition. It’s more correct to disband. To do this, go to the folder in the icon shake mode and drag all the icons one by one back to the desktop. After dragging the last one, the folder will disappear.

    This focus can be used to create a folder for one program - that is, first combine two programs, and then remove one of the folders: it turns out that we will have one single program in the folder.

    Note: folders can be moved just like the icons of ordinary applications. So I selected a separate screen for games, where all the games were divided by genre.

    Agree, it looks better than several icon screens?