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How to make time pass quickly and interestingly? 11 ways


Here someone is waiting for a meeting with a person who occupies almost every thought he has. And it seems that someone deliberately set the "speed of life" to 0.25x. So slowly dragged on minutes, and unbearably - days. Finally, when the meeting came, a miracle happened - time decided not to become like a snail, but a cheetah. Just in time.

It's amazing how time is fickle. Expecting the death penalty, a man grabs for every second, which disappear one after another. And being in the arms of a loved one, the remote control from life is not enough to pause it.

Why is time so unfair?

They say they do not watch happy hours. If you asked yourself what to do and how, so that time passes as quickly as possible, it means that something in life needs to be changed.

Usually time is delayed due to boredom, waiting, or not knowing what to do. It’s summer in the courtyard, schoolchildren and students have a lot of free time, and spend days lying in bed and watching TV shows, films — fed up.

It seems like I want to do something, but there is no strength and desire. You can read a book, but do not want to. There is an opportunity to go for a walk, but somehow it doesn’t work out. You can speculate, but there is no mood. In this case, you must first make a firm decision to give at least 10 minutes to any chosen occupation. If it does not hook during this time, just choose another. Most likely, these ten minutes will seem one and the time will really pass not only quickly, but also useful.

So, how to make time fly by quickly? In a hospital, at home, or even on an airplane, you can try to realize the ideas below.

Sheet of paper + pen = fleeting time

Let me tell you a secret - all people are a bit of a writer. It is unlikely to write a novel, but you can try to express your thoughts on paper.

  • To make time fly by faster, you can write yourself a letter for 5, 10, 20 years in advance. To write letters to yourself is like repeating a speech in front of a mirror: fearless, easy and free. Indeed, in the future, a native and close person will read the letter - you yourself.
  • You can select 5 random words and spell them. Then, including these words, compose a story. You need to write it with pleasure, so that you like it.
  • Keeping a diary is never too late. This, by the way, is a real challenge! At first it will be difficult to write down your thoughts, feelings, but it is important not to stop. Write what you think: “I liked this one,” “I feel this one,” “I want time to fly quickly. I don’t know how to do this.” Write everything, then it can be burned.
  • You can create your own top 10. Top 10 favorite activities, clothes, words, names, smells. Making such tops, you can discover amazing things, they say, "Oh, so I can fight grief by smelling a cactus!"
  • The next secret is that we are all a little poets. In childhood, many played a game where on a leaf you need to write four words in rhyme, and then supplement them to get a rhyme. It's weird, but all the more fun! For example, the words: “turtle”, “slug”, “dust”, “maniac”. And the rhyme:

Oh, unfortunate, stupid I am a tortoise!

Why do I need this huge slug ?!

He will burn me, eat me, without leaving even dust

Like an evil killer and a terrible maniac!

Creativity and games

Human life often turns into monotonous and automatic actions. But how quickly time flew in childhood! It was connected with communication, games and discoveries. Each of us learned to draw, sorted something, looked at pictures in books and watched animals. What to do now?

  • Origami is an easy way to cheer yourself up and make time fly by quickly, like in childhood. First you need to find a simple origami scheme on the Internet. It is a diagram that is better, rather than a video instruction, because if you understand the diagram, you will get a greater sense of satisfaction. It is worth making an ordinary bird in 10-15 minutes, and you will be surprised how you want to lay down someone else.
  • Intuitive drawing. There really does not need to be an artist. It is worth taking a sheet of paper and drawing. Forgetting the rules, pouring your soul in colors, lines, chaos or order - it's up to you!
  • Musical instruments. If you have any musical instrument at home, it's time to give it life. There are always free lessons on the Internet. It just seems complicated.
  • In order not to wonder at the hospital or in the camp, how to make time pass quickly, you should take board games with you: monopoly, UNO or checkers, etc.
  • Or finally take a Rubik's cube and learn how to collect it, so that later you can surprise your friends or future children.

Beyond the habitual life

Of course, the opportunity to watch an interesting film or read a book does not disappear anywhere. It is always possible, remembering childhood, to ring the doors of strangers, and then run away. Or play Truth or Action with someone. Or maybe wish a good day to the saleswoman by buying candy for her. And when she is going to give them away, say: "And this is for you, thanks for the work!"

You can get up early and clean the house to please either yourself or your parents. What could be nicer than rushing to the store and buying your favorite sweets for mom, dad or sister / brother? Just. To have a pleasant atmosphere in the house. And then you don’t have to think how to make the time fly by quickly at home - it will go unnoticed by itself. It is completely natural and surprisingly pleasant, because the main reason that time stretches like a snail is a bad mood.